A Tale of 2 Sisters – Lubna & Loona Ali
Why 2 siblings can be so different?
The elder Lubna feels she must behave prim and proper in public while the younger Loona (5 years difference at 20 years old) just does what she wants.

About Maldives
Lubna our ChangeU intern (Taylor’s) from Maldives shares that Maldives is very conservative and ultra Islamic liken to a small village mentality where villagers have nothing better to do but gossip about the latest community scandal, who is cheating who, shotgun marriages, eloping, neighbor fights, political intrigue, holy than thou public comments, and back stabbing.

Loona who is Interior Design student and helping us with graphic design of flyers, presentations. She just keeps her life private from prying eyes and is sensible not to allow what other people think of her get to her.

So who is limiting you?
Your society you live in, your work environment or corporate culture, your gender, your religion or religious police, friends and relatives, your helicopter parents – or your own limiting beliefs. Btw, “helicopter parents” are those who micro-manage and control every movement of their grown-up children.

Freedom as an Adult of 21 years and above
You have many human rights as an adult  – the freedom to choose your life, lifestyle, diet, life and business partners, friends, faith, and fun. You should not depend on your life partner, parents, company, religious institution, or government for all the choices you make in your life.


Published on 19 March 2016.
Updated on 20 March 2016 (7:00 am)
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