The Afterlife Sign/Visit Prayer
[Twin Souls Part 64]

The many ways to speak with your Guardian Angels. How to ask for Afterlife Signs?

Here’s the simple Afterlife Sign/Visit Prayer:
“Dear (say the name of your departed love one or guardian angel)
I want to receive an afterlife sign/visit from you.
Let me open my 5 senses, my 6th Sense of Intuition, and my 7th Sense of Spirituality to receive your afterlife sign/visit.
Please come in a form I can understand and accept.
Thank you.
(say your name and your relationship with your loved one).”

Once you receive an afterlife sign/visit from your guardian angel, offer a donation to your favorite charity or place of worship. Or you can release a bird.

Thank people who have helped you get your afterlife signs/visit.

Note: Don’t worry about your guardian angel coming in a ghost form. It will not happen. Ghosts are unsettled souls who have very heavy karma to settle, that’s why these ghosts may stay around.

Published on 21 February 2026. From Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda