The Afterlife Sign/Visit Prayer
[Twin Souls Part 64]

The many ways to speak with your Guardian Angels. How to ask for Afterlife Signs?

Here’s the simple Afterlife Sign/Visit Prayer:
“Dear (say the name of your departed love one or guardian angel)
I want to receive an afterlife sign/visit from you.
Let me open my 5 senses, my 6th Sense of Intuition, and my 7th Sense of Spirituality to receive your afterlife sign/visit.
Please come in a form I can understand and accept.
Thank you.
(say your name and your relationship with your loved one).”

Once you receive an afterlife sign/visit from your guardian angel, offer a donation to your favorite charity or place of worship. Or you can release a bird.

Thank people who have helped you get your afterlife signs/visit.

Note: Don’t worry about your guardian angel coming in a ghost form. It should be Guardian Angel form, not a ghost. Ghosts are unsettled souls who have very heavy karma to settle, that’s why these ghosts may stay around.

Published: 21st February 2016.
From Twin Souls Whisperings with Brenda
Updated: 15 January 2021.