Valentine’s Day Poem to Brenda
{Twin Souls Part 60]

We speak to each other in
100 different ways since that day.
Your afterlife signs assure me,
and bring light to my dark ways.
You are my eternal love,
my angel of unconditional love.
I see God, truth, and my
predestiny through you.
Guide me to guide others
to fly free like you.
I love you dearly, Brenda.
xoxo Robert, your Twin Soul

I sobbed uncontrollably for an hour or so
when I “randomly” saw this beautiful picture on Valentine’s Day from you.
The picture is a big ongoing private message and mean many things for me.
The picture looks like my favorite baby photo of you, especially the hair and mouth.
This is one of hundred ways how we speak to each other.
So I wrote a Valentine’s Day Poem to you, and pasted it on your picture.
Tell me if you love it (through your signs).
Happy Valentine’s Day, Brenda.

Baby Brenda

Brenda's Baby Pic

Brenda’s baby photo engraved in Chinese ceramic art.

Update on 5 March 2016:
2 days after I dedicated my Valentine’s Day Poem to Brenda and asked her to tell if she liked it, suddenly in this website we had a sudden, unheard of spike of 46,747 views in the very next posting The Customs & Meaning of the 15 Days of Chinese New Year.

This is dramatic Brenda’s way of telling me that she like it like 46,747 times!
(such an obviously afterlife sign from Brenda).

Published on 14 February 2016.
Updated on 5 March 2016.