How a Black German woman discovered her destiny, and lived with the fate that her grandfather was Amon Goeth, the sadist Nazi Concentration Camp Commandant in ‘Schindler’s List.’

Teege’s life story is punctuated with ironies and coincidences so great that they prompted her to rethink the concept of fate. Like the seemingly “accidental” act of missing a flight that lead her to study in Israel, and reading a “random” book that lead her to discover her dark family history and her destiny.

Some things in life, she says, are predetermined.

Like my going to Hong Kong as a tourist and end up living there.

Like my meeting Brenda, my Twin Soul, in a spiritual workshop in Hong Kong. There were no sparks, so ordinary, yet “it was meant to be”.

Like my randomly buying a lottery ticket 2 hours after Brenda’s crossing-over and finding out 3 days later it had her soul numbers “7 and 11” as the first 2 consecutive numbers out of 6 computer-generated numbers. She wanted to communicate to me from the Other Side that I was not imagining things. And for 1 whole year after this, she revealed our destiny and Twin Soul mission.

Like Craig Santy randomly finding my Tweet about MH370 out of millions of tweets and his car number plate adding up to my soul number of “37”.

The big parts of your life are predetermined, embrace and live your destiny and purpose in life.

Like you… seemingly reading this blog randomly… but you’ve been lead to read this for some reason. It’s not by chance. Something in this website will speak to your soul, and will resonate to the core of your being. Maybe your guardian angel lead you to read this to heal a part of your soul. Maybe Brenda has a personal message for you…

[Side note: I had the thought to write this last paragraph, and then my Mac started by itself. It’s was Brenda’s sign for me to write this immediately. I’m just a surrendered channel for Brenda.]