The 33 film: the miraculous true story about 33 miners being buried alive.

Based on the miraculous true story of the 2010 San Jose Chilean Mining Accident – the biggest “impossible” rescue mission in history.

The 33 miners were buried alive 2,300 feet below, with the only 1 entrance blocked by a huge rock the size of 2 Empire State buildings. With only 3 days of food supply left, the rescuers only discovered the miners were alive after 17 days! Operation San Lorenzo (named after the patron saint of miners, Saint Lawrence) took many more days to rescue them.

Heart-warming, inspirational, with realistic terrifying scenes. It’ll bring you to tears seeing the greatness of the human spirit, and faith in God and Angels.

FYI, Saints are also Guardian Angels:

“33” is a Master Number symbolizing unconditional love, compassion, family and companionship – click Number’s Guide.

< ‪#‎OrangeArmyReview‬ (movie): 9.5 | 10 > Highly recommended