The time SunDance, my Golden Retriever crossed over

SunDance was pure joy, and spread unconditional love whenever he went. He was way more popular than me. During Chinese New Year, neighbors would give Lai See (red packets) and treats like a human son.

He had a long Canadian Champion lineage from his father “Bogey-Par-Birdie” lineage. His Cantonese name was “Chaen Toor Kum” meaning plenty of gold!

We took him from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur where he was super happy to have a huge semi-detached house to run around.

The only thing he was sacred about in Malaysia were the very loud thunder and festive firecrackers. The poor big guy would tremble uncontrollably and jump onto our laps like a terrified little puppy. Later we would strap him in a tight harness and short leash him – that seemed to calm him down a bit.

In the middle of 2012, when he reached 13 years old, he started to weaken over a 2 month period. He had little appetite, and lost a lot of weight. Dr. Stephen of Healing Pets said his heart is getting weaker. He couldn’t even go down a flight of stairs to the outside porch to pee and poo. I had to carry him.

I dreaded the day Brenda, my crossed over wife told me to say my goodbyes. I remember talking to Sundance for about 30 minutes. He was so weak lying still that he could not even lift up his head or wag his tail, that’s not the super lively SunDance I knew. I pat and stroke him, and held his paw. I can feel his unconditional love as my tears rolled down to his soft golden fur. His face had turned whitish over the last 2-3 years.

Then Brenda asked if I would want to see the Vet euthanize him the next day. I just couldn’t –  cause my heart was broken terribly. I wanted to remember SunDance with the fondest of memories, in a positive space.

Bye bye SunDance. I miss you much.

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