Some Words of Wisdom for 25 year olds

Always remember the good people who helped and guided you, your guardian angels, and those who were your catalysts in times of trouble and at your crossroads.
Keep some key mentors who dare to tell you the painful truth – throughout your life.
Learn from the experiences with bad people – let go, don’t revenge as Karma will always get them and all eventually.
Don’t take things and people for granted.

Don’t worry about what others think of you.
If you are doing the right thing and making success, others will be jealous of you.
Enemies are there as a sign that you are on the right path.
Be a giver, not a taker.

When you are young, you’ll hero-worship, be impressed and seduced by celebrities, politicians, religious heads, tycoons, and executives in high positions.
Learn to be the owl who sees through the deceptions and shadow play of human sharks and two-headed snakes. Test them out.
Only a handful are true, genuine, and good for you. The secret is whether you can work or live with someone’s dark side.
A skeptic, a doubting Thomas, or a strong critic can become a great ally. But leave the cynics alone.

You’ll have to learn the hard way.
You’ll be burnt, stabbed, sacrificed, betrayed, accused of something you did not do, abandoned, cheated, and be used by people you trust.
These are your life lessons.
There are no shortcuts in living. Just learn fast and move on!

Find your purpose, passion, and meaning in life. Majority don’t.
When you live your vision, mission, and values, you live your best life.
This is your gift to God – to live your best full life of positivity, love, and truth.
If you want to thank me, just pass it on.
~ Wizard Robert Chaen