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Self Defense & Confidence Building: Life-Saving Tips for Employees by Asia’s #1 Best Defense Experts


Self Defense & Confidence Building
Life-Saving Tips for Employees by Asia’s #1 Best Defense Experts

Introduction to the DRAGER™: Talking Tiger Daring Dragon Defense System

[The 3 Key Actions for Personal Safety]

Every week we read about crime and attacks locally and globally. Multi-National Corporations such as Google, Allianz, P&G, and Unilever have introduced self defense programs for employees – as personal & family safety has now become a big CSR issue in Malaysia.

ChangeU has specially designed a totally unique and original corporate powerworkshop for BOTH Women & Men Executives, called “DRAGER™ Defense System”. It’s a highly interactive workshop with real life scenarios, lots & lots of practice, and personal coaching.

This must-attend workshop is conducted by Asia’s #1 Best Self Defense Experts.

Watch video presentation by the Creator of Drager Defense System:

The Outline covers:

The latest, smart life-saving methods.
How and when to “Tiger Talk” your way out of dangerous situations and attackers.
How to “Dragon Defend” in multiple scenarios: Do’s & Don’ts
What do YOU DO in real life scenarios:
car park attack, rape, bullying, snatch thief, kidnapping, handphone theft, home invasion, lift attack, public transport molesting, catcalling, taxi rape, road rage, dog attack, fake police, surrounded by road bullies, fender-bender accident traps, etc.
Sexual harassment & boundaries. Tips sourced from flight attendants and HR Directors.
Many easy, fast, street-wise moves to stop-outwit-escape the attacker, and alert help. No boring textbooks.
Use everyday objects as weapons & shields like Jackie Chan.
Know when to fight, and when to flight (run).
How to create an aura self-confidence & alertness that attackers will not see you as an easy target.
How to use and where to keep safety products: pepper sprays, alarms, etc.
Special Session on Common Carelessness:
Facebook dangers, cyberstalking, drink spiking, handphone theft, scam & con artists, travel safety, home security while on holiday, credit card and identity theft.

Our survey shows the many people have read about personal safety BUT most people actually FREEZE or become HELPLESS during an attack. Why? Because they had not been coached, and they were totally taken by surprise.
Not anymore.

This is probably THE most important self defense workshop you’ll ever need to learn – to save you and your loved ones’ lives.

For integrating self defense as a core in-house program in:
[ ] your Organization (formats: 1 day, evening classes, lunch & learn)
[ ] Government Department
[ ] University College
[ ] Annual Conference
[ ] Official Sponsors for this Self & Family Protection Initiative
[ ] Public Figure-Celebrity non-bodyguard protection

Contact us at:

Tuesday 27 October 2015
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Olympic Sports Hotel
Address: Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150 KL (near Stadium Negara)

Special Offer: RM598 each for the first 10 enrollments
Includes: lunch, prestigious certificate and admission into the ChangeU Alumni Network who support each other in self & family protection issues.

Standard rate: RM898 each

Group Booking of 3 or more: RM498 each

NOTE: Limited class size for personal coaching

If you value your loved ones and yourself more than money, enroll today.
Don’t miss out to be personally coached by 3 world champion self defense gurus.

Coached by Asia’s #1 Self Defense Gurus


The Creator of Drager™ Defense system. Wizard Robert Chaen is “The Coach to CEOs & Celebrities”, Asia’s #1 mindset change expert, and The Father of Asia FireWalking. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, and SCMP.


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