The Yin & Yang of Human Sexuality

How to Make Love Like a Caveman

Apparently, prehistoric women were extraordinarily promiscuous, and like our primate ancestors, women are hard-wired to behave like chimps in the bedroom. In his book, Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origin of Modern Sexuality, Ryan offers a biological explanation for why we find monogamy so difficult today.

So just what does it mean to make love like a caveman? It means have a lot of sex, partaking in, as Ryan describes it, the “seven million years of primate promiscuity” that our ancestors so heartily embraced as a species. That’s a lot of sex.

In other words, human males are in important ways sexually incompatible with human females, who are capable of multiple orgasms. So what is the evolutionary advantage of this? Take monogamy out of the equation, and the evolutionary logic becomes more evident. A woman can have multiple sexual partners. This may increase her chances of reproducing, and she needs to try it a lot to be successful. Compared to other animals, humans have an incredibly low rate of conception, based on the number of sexual acts we partake in. And so it is well that sex is so much fun for humans, because if that were not the case, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

For instance, why is monogamy so difficult? According to Ryan, we are biologically programmed against it. It was not until the advent of agriculture that man developed a notion of private property, and had reason to feel jealous of a promiscuous mate. Culture invented monogamy, and with it marriage, cheating, and a sense of shame that surrounds our sexual selves…


This is the front cover art for the book Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships, written by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. The book cover art copyright is believed to belong to the publisher, Harper or the cover artist.

Chris Ryan is the author, along with his wife Cacilda Jetha, of the New York Times bestseller “Sex At Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships,” which advice columnist Dan Savage described as “the single most important book about human sexuality since Alfred Kinsey unleashed Sexual Behavior in the Human Male on the American public in 1948.”
Watch Christopher Ryan explain the evolution of human sexuality here:

A very insightful interview covering polyamory, jealousy (“jealousy is an expression of insecurity”), pleasure, admiring beauty in strangers openly with your partner, and why women instinctively change their looks:
Interview by Ana Kasparian with “Sex At Dawn” Author Chris Ryan


Robert’s View

The Yin & Yang of Human Sexuality

Humans apparently have the dark side of Chimps and the light side of Bonobos.
Humans are basically animal and caveman in body, human in heart and mind, and God-like in spirit and consciousness. And we have human needs which oftentimes are in conflict between the animal, human, and God within.

From 10,000 years ago, humans established civilizations, modern man-made laws to control or punish the animal and human behaviors, and man-made religions to guide or control the soul and spirit…

“Sex at Dawn” is a very significant book on human sexuality. It takes away the shame of sexuality that is stereotyped in modern culture and belief systems. Chaen