I got my perfect stereo hearing back after 15 years – through a simple procedure!

I had a clogged right ear and I took ear drops for 4 days but it didn’t work. Today my doctor used a huge syringe to pump warm water to flush out – at least 20 times. I couldn’t believe so much wax came out from that tiny e-hole.

Now I can hear the faintest sound, far away. I’m hearing sound I have not hear before! Such beautiful noise and music to my ears!. I thank God for getting my hearing back by discovering this little known but humongous secret.

My right ear hearing had deteriorated over the last 15 years. It was so bad that I mainly use my left ear for phone calls as my left has perfect hearing. Little did I know it was only due to EAR WAX. Did you know that ear wax is evolution’s way of preventing insects from making a nest in your precious ear caves.

15 years of bad hearing gone through a simple RM70 (US$20) procedure. Why my mother or anyone never tell me this before! My Mum has been complaining about bad hearing. Maybe it’s not old age but plain old ear wax! You and I should be sharing this precious information with your parents.

I treasure my 5 senses and 5 organs.

I’ll make sure that I take good care of my body as a Temple of God. I’m God’s Instrument and Angel Brenda’s Advocate I’ll not abuse my body. I have gratitude for my health and body.

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