Papillon Personal Effectiveness PowerCamp: Success Stories 

I feel that this Papillon journey is like “bringing back the dead”. I’m resurrected, from a soulless zombie I have passion, vision, positive attitude and the sky’s the limit for me now. This journey has been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. It brought back “the Me” I lost.

To Robert I will forever be grateful, there are no words I can say to express how much what you have given means to me. It left a huge impact on me. I now live my life with positivity. You are such an inspiration that I want to make a change, and I’m starting from “the Man In The Mirror”. The world needs more people like you!
~ Sales Support Coordinator

Absolutely life-changing experience on personal growth and breakthrough. I learned to focus on living a fuller life by re-examining my values, principles, beliefs and my inner-self. The support group is just amazing!
~ Lecturer, HELP University College

I get to know of a group of soul-mates who look after and take care of each other. They will be there for me anytime, anywhere and their support and wishes remind me the whole program of Papillon. This program is a positive energy giver for my whole life. Whenever I feel down and want to give up, the lessons learnt will light me up and make me more confident to keep going on. I would like to give a million of thanks to Robert.
~ PA to MD

My experience in Papillon was nothing short of amazing, I didn’t know where I belong before I started the program, what was inside me was not portrayed outside. I’ve learnt how to accept myself, how to appreciate others more.
~ Marketing Consultant (Kenya)

Thank you for a truly life-changing event. You made me realize that the diamonds I am seeking are right in my own backyard. Now I believe that my dream of touching others has become a reality.
~ Asst. Manager Operations, Body Fashion

My experience in Papillon was very rewarding indeed. Personally, it has helped me to break the barrier of overcoming my inner fear of being imperfect, the Coaches seem to know how to use the emotional tool to heal one’s soul through love, care and acceptance of oneself as a whole being.

I’m sincerely grateful of your patience, love and acceptance that has groom me into a renewed person that I never felt before. Guess destiny has its plan on leading me to you and be part of Papillon’s big family.
~ Channel Marketing Assistant

The flow of the session is effortless and therapeutic, when we open our mind and allow ourselves to listen to our inner self.
~ Senior Manager

I personally came in to Papillon very skeptical, but with an open mind, and an open heart. To be honest, I really did not feel like coming, it was an eye opener, something extraordinary, and I’m glad I stick with it and showed up.

It’s true, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…and the first main step is to sign up for it. That is already a huge step to change (metamorphosis.)

What I personally like about the program is the fact that total strangers meet and share experiences and life issues and became friends in just 2 days … well… it’s simply phenomenal!! And that’s what makes Papillon different and unique.

Robert, I think no words enough could describe what you have done for us. If I were to begin, I will end up by writing a book of the many, many, many wonderful and admirable things you’ve done for us.
~ Sales Manager, Healthy Homes Marketing

I wasn’t sure should I quit my job and go for this training. Now I can say that I really made the right decision. Well, some friends told me that it’s just a normal motivational training but it’s nothing like that. I realized that we actually can be who we want to be. It all depends on our mindset, not what we are born with or what we are fated to be.

~ Marketing Executive, Fitness First

Papillon rocks! I don’t know what I don’t know. I did not know my strength! Confidence does not need to be manufactured for it simply exists.

~ Management Executive, Paramount Property

The increasingly positive environment in Papillon has made it very conducive for me to learn and trust the people in it. Strangers became best friends. We are all in it together and if one person drowns, everyone is there like a family to help. Papillon is just full of love and care and it made everyone especially me feel worthy. Being with people is my passion. I am definitely a people-oriented person.
~ Undergrad, Monash University

I discovered myself in and out. Such a wonderful experience! It makes me believe in what I want in the future regardless of what obstacle may come my way.
~ Manager, Johnson & Johnson Medical

This is truly life transforming! Papillon made me realize what are the most important things to me in my life and also helped me to come to closure with various parts of my life to allow me to move on with my head held high.
~ Supervisor

Papillion has ignited a journey of my soul to the deepest.

There is a theory says that, if we fall greater, we can leap higher. Without understanding and realizing who we are, where we came from, then we haven’t seen our own top Everest.

Papillion has open up the opportunity for me to awarded myself the best ever gift in my lifetime i.e. the gift to know my own self. There’s a Malay proverb saying “tak kenal maka tak cinta” or translated as not knowing means not loving. After I knew who am I, I love myself more and by loving myself, I’ll be able to love other people even better.
Robert, you have been more than a mentor. You are a friend, a brother, a father, a wizard who touches my heart. Thank you for being there, when no one else can. You’re such a gift from universe to me.
~ Sr. Exec. Recruitment, JR Joint Resources Hldgs

Papillon is not only an eye-opener but also a heart-opener. It reminds me of a lighter, fundamental version of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, which uses the peripheral and central route (of persuasion) leading to attitude change.
~ Nurse, OMFS Surgical & Specialist Clinic

“I’ve attended many very expensive courses costing RM10,000 to RM40,000+ by famous gurus such as Tony Robbins & NLP Experts. Don’t be dazzled by their sleek glossy ads, Papillon is the best! It is deeper and much better value than any of them. The one-on-one “mirror” mentoring is most unique, magical, and worth its price in gold. I have now met and cherish many lifelong friends in the Papillon Community. I’m sending my entire senior team to attend.”
~ Entrepreneur

“Initially I was very skeptical. Soon I found it to be absolutely fabulous and a great experience. Papillon is definitely a tool to change for success.”
~ World’s No.5 Sales Consultant in Fitness First


Q. What is your track record?

A. We have coached 100,000+ people. Fortune Global 500 executives use our tools such as Nestle, Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services, Sheraton, and Japan Airlines.

Q. Is your group like those pushy, hard selling personal development groups?

A. Absolutely not. In fact, we totally discourage this current industry-wide practice of hard selling and harassing, and have given the public workshop industry a bad name. If your life is transformed, your friends will definitely be curious to find out more.

Q. Do I need this workshop?

A. NOBODY really needs this workshop. For some reason some people think that if you take this type of workshop it means that there is something really wrong with you. Nothing is further from the truth, people who take Papillon workshop because they want MORE out of life, relationships, career, wealth and happiness. The truth is as human beings we are not perfect and we have many areas to improve in our lives – these areas are the very basis of the workshops and your own personal growth.

Q. Can this workshop replace psycho-therapy or marriage counseling?

A. Absolutely not. If one is emotionally or mentally unstable, or their marriage is in danger of crumbling, he or she is strongly advised to seek professional counseling or psycho-therapy. Now, this does not mean that such people are not allowed to attend our workshops, in fact these types had benefited immensely from insights and feedback. However, they should not have wrong expectations such as hoping to get a “quick fix”.

Q. How do I prepare or be ready for this type of personal greatness workshop?

A. You may choose to approach the workshop totally open without any expectations or pre-conceived notions. Alternatively, you may want to reflect on certain key areas in your life that have concerned you. Many participants report that the workshop actually begins the moment they decide to sign up. Often, your inner self already knows what challenges face you. Both good and bad and things seem to naturally “float up to the surface”.

For example, forgotten or neglected dreams and personal goals may pop up in your mind for you to re-visit again with a fresh outlook. You may encounter some deep-rooted issues or suddenly “bump into” people with whom you have un-resolved issues. Don’t be alarmed as the Papillon workshop provides a safe and supportive environment for you to explore all of this. Treat it as a blessing, as you now have the opportunity to resolve them and no longer have to hide from them.

Q. Should I keep quiet about attending this type of workshop?

A. Some people choose not to tell others because they want to quietly reflect and work on themselves, and do not want others to “interfere” with their growth. Whereas some may choose to tell others because they want to make a “public statement” that they want to change and improve themselves and request others to support them in their best efforts and goals in life. All in all people tend to tell those they comfortable with, and not reveal to those they don’t feel comfortable with (even to close relatives and friends for obvious reasons).

Q. How does one get maximum 100% results in this workshop?

A. By 100% participation. Now, full participation does not mean standing up and speaking all the time, it’s not possible anyway. If you are 100% present and not mentally distracted you are participating fully. However, if you sit on the fence and afraid to take any risks you’ll not get much of the workshop.

Q. Participants say that workshop continues after the workshop, is this common?

A. Yes, the workshop do “continues” way after the workshop as many seeds are sown during the workshop. Many seeds will grow during the workshop, but other seeds may only start to grow after 1 month, 1 year, or even 10 years later. Some issues may take a longer time to resolve or to let go; and like life itself there are always some root issues and questions may never be able to be resolved (you may just have to accept the issue or live with the question). Also if a re-occurring issue keeps coming up, it indicates that this issue is still not resolved sufficiently and you may need assistance or counseling in this area.

Q. Is it a must to take Papillon Destiny (mastery program)?

A. No, it’s not a must. Although the 2 of workshops are inter-linked, each workshop is complete by itself. Generally when a participant feels ready to go on to a next deeper level, they will just do so.
Note: Papillon Discovery is a prerequisite for attending Papillon Destiny.


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