The greatest argument against prohibition (also relevant to religious banning)

The greatest argument you will EVER hear against the War on Drugs – from a retired police Captain.


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MAY 29, 2015

The War on Drugs is always a hotly debated subject, especially among cannabis users. However, almost everyone can agree that the War on Drugs in general has been one of the longest and most failed wars in history — and it still continues today.

Even though we have heard all the countless arguments against the War on Drugs, former police Captain, Peter Christ, will blow you away with his argument specifically. As Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s co-founder, you can bet that you’ll be amazed by his sound logic and reasoning.

As the war continues to wage on, it is quickly losing steam, and people like Peter Christ are making an enormous impact for those exposed to their insight. Let us know what you think of Christ’s argument!

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