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3rd Earthquake-Tsunami coming after Nepal and Mount Kinabalu according to Psychic Premonition


3rd Earthquake-Tsunami coming after Nepal and Mount Kinabalu according to Psychic Premonition
[Twin-Souls Part 56]


Triple fallen clothes stand tiles. 1st tile (top): fell around early March 2015, towards the direction of 240° SW 2nd tile (right): fell on 19 March 2015, around 2:45pm, towards the direction of 244° N 3rd tile (left, blue side facing up): fell on 1 April 2015, towards the direction of 159° S 4th tile (still intact in the clothes stand, not fallen – yet) Direction: the vertical lines are pointing to 245° SW (from pic)

I myself have tried to decipher Brenda’s code of afterlife psychic premonitions about earthquakes and tsunamis but I could only get a rough sense of patterns and connecting the dots (if any), which possible countries, and rough timeframes.

Clothes Stand Tile Afterlife Sign
There were a series of 3 clothes stand tiles falling at my backyard. I believe these are Brenda’s afterlife signs. And I am particularly interested in the pattern of falling.
The first tile (I heard the exact moment of 1st tile falling by alone by myself which was unusual in its coincidence): fell around early March 2015. Nepal earthquake happened on 25 April 2015, 11:56am local time. 7.8 Mw. 8,800 killed. 19 killed in Mount Everest itself (7 weeks later).
I thought at the time it could be Japan (north of KL), but it was Nepal.

The second tile (2 of my Malaysian staff and I heard the exact moment of second falling when we were at the backyard – this was even more unusual): fell on 19 March 2015. Sabah-Mount Kinabalu tragedy happened on 5 June 2015, 7:15am local time. 6.0 Mw. 16 killed in Mount Kinabalu only (78 days or 11 weeks later).

I couldn’t have guessed that a very rare earthquake will strike Malaysia as it is not prone to natural disasters except floods – with 16 deaths. It is the first earthquake in Malaysia to have claimed lives.

Both are land and mountain area earthquake (both tiles fell with the inside facing up, see pic)

The third tile (no one heard the 3rd tile fell): fell on 1 April 2015 (April Fools’ Day).
Could the third earthquake be an offshore earthquake in the sea causing a tsunami as the blue tile is facing up (different type from the the first 2 land earthquake, probably sea earthquake)…

Deciphering Brenda’s Afterlife Sign Time Patterns
I have been trying decipher patterns from previous date predictions by Brenda especially comparing the 37 days after seeing a plastic wing afterlife sign MH17 was shot down. So far Brenda sends afterlife signs based on her and my recurring soul number numbers: Brenda’s soul numbers  are 7, 11, 29, and my soul number is 37 (calculated from our birthdates)

Q. Where would the third earthquake hit?
If the relative directions of how the 3 tiles fell is a rough guide, and say the first tile fell roughly north of where I’m staying now in capital Kuala Lumpur, Nepal is roughly north-west of capital Kuala Lumpur and north-west of Kathmandu
The second tile fell east and Sabah  is exactly east of KL.

Earthquake-Tsunami might happen at night time or likely during midnight to 5:00am period (no one heard the 3rd tile fell). I sense an eerie element of surprise, shook or unpreparedness.

So the third tile fell west, so possible places west of KL, west of a big city Capital, or near a famous Mountain:
[ ] around Sumatra, or west of Jakarta
(26 December 2004, morning. Indian Ocean Tsunami. 9.1 Mw. 230,000 killed in 14 countries)
[ ] around Sicily
(28 December 1908, 5:20am local time. Messina Earthquake. 7.1 Mw. 123,000 killed)
[ ] around Chile
(22 May 1960, 3:15pm local time Great Chilean Earthquake. 9.5 Mw. 2230-6,000 killed)
[ ] around Los Angeles, San Andreas Fault
(18 April 1906, 5:12am local time. San Francisco earthquake. 7.8 Mw. 3,000 killed)
[ ] west of capital Tokyo, around Tokai region
(11 March 2011, 2:46pm local time. Tohoku 2011 earthquake and tsunami. 9.0 Mw. 18,400 killed)
[ ] west of a capital city 
[ ] near a famous Mountain, with deaths on the mountain itself (Mount Fujiyama, Yosemite mountain)

The Really Big One Subductionzone Earthquake-Tsunami (written on 19 July 2015)
I saw a vision of Big One Tsunami hitting California from Brenda who is my Twin-Soul and guardian angel. She is starting to give me more afterlife signs about this Big One since April 2015. I have already warned my good friend and business partner, Craig Santy about this since he lives in Los Angeles.

Read a very in-depth article on Cascadia by The New Yorker:
Hollywood got it wrong. The Really Big One is CASCADIA Tsunami, not San Andreas – it’s 76 years overdue! 15 minutes to hit California (The New Yorker)

From Robert’s Soul Whispering conversations and channeling Angel Brenda, Robert’s Twin Soul.

Published on Monday, 8 June 2015.
Updated on Sunday 19 July 2015.

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The scariest close up CCTV videos of Japan Tsunami 2011

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 4.45.34 PM

Watch other shocking upclose videos by a canal and school. Note: the footage is real, but ignore the conspiracy theory at the end.
This footage show how tsunami starts slow and then whole buildings were uprooted in just 10 minutes.

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