20 Of The Hottest Women In The World

Who doesn’t love to appreciate the beauty of a fierce woman? It’s not hard to be appreciative of the women who grace this list with their presence and it is certain no one would dare complain about looking at them. While most of the picks for this list are thoroughly unsurprising, there are a few gorgeous gems you might not have expected in the top twenty. With dozens of successes already under their belts and many more soon to come, here twenty of the hottest ladies from around the globe.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba appears on almost every list of the hottest women, and it’s easy to see why. Alba is the founder and owner of the Honest Company. She is also an award winning actress, best-selling author and a mother of two.

Monica Bellucci

The selection of Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci for any ranking of hot women hardly needs an explanation. Even at the age of forty, Bellucci is in no way hurting for work as an actress in the upcoming film “Spectre” as well as countless print ads.

Arianny Celeste

Also known as Penelope Lopez, Arianny Celeste is best recognized as a UFC ring girl and swimwear model throughout America. She is a co-host on the television show “Overhaulin‘” and is working hard to break further into the entertainment industry.

Selena Gomez

At only twenty-one, Selena Gomez is still one of the most recognizable as well as most talked about young female celebrities in the world. A true triple threat with acting, singing and modeling, Selena is ready to come and get more out of an already impressive career.

Jennifer Lopez

When considering hotness, who could possibly forget about the fabulous J. Lo? Even when she was America’s sweetheart in movies like “The Wedding Planner” and “Maid in Manhattan“, Jennifer was also touring and developing her business into a global brand.

Taylor Swift

Opinionated speaker, lyrical innovator and best gal pal to the stars, Taylor Swift is definitely difficult to overlook as a hot lady. Chances are high that Taylor and her sharp tongue and strong ideas will not be going anywhere anytime soon

Ashleigh Sudholz

Australian swimsuit model Ashleigh Sudholz may not be the most widely known of our gorgeous girls, but we can all agree that she absolutely belongs on the list. Outspoken girlfriend of NRL player Tariq Sims, Ashleigh is a mother and self-proclaimed farm girl.

Eva Mendes

Starting her career in B-rated horror movies such as “Children of the Corn V” in the late 1990’s, Eva Mendes has built the sort of career and fame that anyone would envy. Girlfriend to Ryan Gosling and new mom to his daughter, Eva continues to blow us away with her exceptional skill.

Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar winning, pizza eating, jokester and Kentucky native Jennifer Lawrence has got the world on a string. Whether you’re a “Hunger Games” fan or just love to watch her geek out around Jeff Bridges, it’s easy to think of Jennifer as everybody’s best buddy.

Aishwarya Rai

Year after year, you will be hard pressed to find a list of attractive people that has not at some point or another mentioned Bollywood icon Aishwarya Rai. Consistently voted one of the most beautiful women in the world, Aishwarya can do it all – act, sing, dance, model and win the Miss World pageant in 1994.

Megan Fox

Even if all you recognize her from is the “Transformers” franchise, Megan Fox is still one of the most recognizable women of her generation. Not only is she a sex symbol, an actress and a model, Megan is a wife and mother with high ambitions for her future.

Lupita Nyong’o

When Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o swept onto the scene two years ago with her Oscar-winning performance in “Twelve Years a Slave“, she stole hearts along with awards. Lupita is probably one of the most poised and intelligent actresses in the business today.

Bar Paly

Born in Russia and raised in Tel Aviv, Israeli model and actress Bar Paly already has over twenty film and television credits on her resume in addition to countless modeling appearances and photo shoots. Keep an eye out for this one, because soon, she will be everywhere.


While everyone remembers her breakout hit “Hips Don’t Lie“, Shakira has proven over the past ten years that she has much more to offer than a rich singing voice and hot Latin dance moves. Shakira has made a serious comeback recently and has no plans to let go again anytime soon.

Georgia Salpa

Greek born Irish model Georgia Salpa is one of those women who you are immediately transfixed by. Check out any of her hundreds of lingerie modelling photos, and it’s practically guaranteed you will not be able to tear your eyes away.

Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe has been making waves for years as one of the more provocative and openly sexual stars of her home country’s entertainment industry. Almost forty years old, Haifa still manages to possess talent for days and a body that refuses to quit.

Naomi Campbell

Household name Naomi Campbell is still around and looking just as amazing as always. One of the world’s five original supermodels, Naomi has helped make great strides for women of color in the fashion industry and remains to this day an iconic and globally recognized figure of the 80s and 90s.

Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz signed with an agent at the age of fifteen, landed her first television role at sixteen and has been breaking hearts all over the world ever since. Now, as a forty year old wife and mother, Penelope still has us all wrapped around her gorgeous fingers.

Kerry Washington

Scandal” star, New York native, vegan, LGBT rights advocate and undeniably charismatic award winning actress, Kerry Washington is most certainly hard to ignore. With all of the hype her ABC television drama series has received, there’s no denying that Kerry will remain on our radar for many more wonderful years.

Blake Lively

Ever since we first saw the lovely and talented Blake Lively grace the screen in “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants“, she somehow only seemed to get more beautiful as time went on. Now a wife, mother, business owner and lifestyle blogger, Blake proves more and more everyday how multi-faceted she really is.