A motorcycle crash-course


Motorcycles are definitely intimidating, when you are unable to “flat foot” on the ground. Then of course, you will be prone to mishaps/accidents and of course, rain. With the proper precautions, safety gears and riding technique, you minimize the risk of turning into a mess.

What sort of motorcycle are you? We never believed that there is a correlation between the type of motorcycle and personality but we summarized a list of must have motorcycles (well at least one) every bloke should own in their lifetime.

A classic looking Triumph


How could you say now to the Triumph Thruxton? Café racer by heart, if you want to own a piece of history, this would definitely be the bike for you. Don’t let the “aged” aesthetics fool you, this bike packs on an air-cooled, 900cc parallel-twin engine. Expect a slightly heavy bike since its made out of a block of steel, but then again 215kg isn’t actually that much.

The other classic Triumph

You may not get your hands on Steve McQueen’sTriumph Bonneville, but you may get your hands on the 2014/15 model which is way better in performance. Compared to the Thruxton, the Bonnie comes with a slightly more upright seating position. Still pretty classy and “badass” though.

A Harley

We have not ridden a Harley (true-story). This might hurt all the purists but they look practically the same! We will still honour their V-Twin though. So here you go, a picture of their V-Twin engine…and probably the most modern looking Harley, the XR1200x.

harley_enginecredit autobikegallery

A very expensive Italian

Ducati-899-Panigale-motorcycleimage e-wallpaperhub

Not for the everyday rider unless you want to pop a hole in your pocket. The 899 panigale is the most affordable Panigale produced to date. Expect a hectic RM90,000 but also expect endless pleasure throttling your way to bends on this 149hp lightweight animal. If you managed to come across an additional RM100,000, then you might want to consider the 1199 Panigale. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

The modern everyday looking naked

2015-Ducati-Monster-821-right-sidecredit bestnewmotorcycle

If you are planning to ride a motorcycle to work everyday, then this is definitely your best bet. If you have a thing for an Italian mistress, then the Ducati Monster 821 or the MV Augusta Brutale is the bike for you. If you fancy an Asian with two wheels, then head over to the Yamaha MT09. British may be appealing to some, then pick up the Triumph Street Triple. Our pick….*coughs*…Italian…

The adventurer.

2014_BMW_R_1200_GS_1139224credit motorcyclegeeks.

Spoken to many, and some swear by these two bikes, the KTM Adventure and the BMW GS 1200, these bikes will take you very very far without shattering your spine along the way. Forget the cramps because you’ll be able to stock up on potassium rich bananas inside the pannier boxes. Opt for a cheaper Asian variant if budget is an issue, a Versys. If you still want the sound of an Italian, the Multistrada may just whet your appetite.


vespa-lx-150-ie-photo-wwwomnimotoit-201106201936331491credit – sportku.com

At least that’s what they called it here, a scooter. The Vespa LX150 is the most decent looking Vespa in town. They go for approximately RM8,000-RM9,000. No comments on the handling though. The best part? It comes with a single arm and fairly big storage right below the seat.

The no head-turner motorcycle.

And may we present to you the least attractive motorcycle but still the most durable and functional two wheels in Malaysia…The EX5 ! These pair of wheels have existed in Malaysia for at least 20 years. They cost nothing more than RM4,000 new. Not recommended for long distance or performance riding as the engine might just detach over time.

We at TMF can’t wait to do our first motorcycle adventure review, very…very soon…

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