Countries you can visit to see the world’s most beautiful women

Women no doubt are beautiful creations of God, and remain beautiful no matter where they are. However, they tend to exceed the boundaries of beauty a bit and become almost angel like in certain countries. And if you are wondering where you would be able to find such women, check out the list of the countries you can visit to see the world’s most beautiful women.


Beautiful Ukrainian Women - Dr Prem

Ukraine is well known for women beauty, one of the best in business. The country also has mail-order bride business. In some cases its heaven for some unfortunate men searching for some love and joy. The best places in the country to catch the true beauty of its women include the capital city, Kiev, Odessa and the Black Sea Coast.


Beautiful Sweden Women Dr Prem

Sweden is considered to be the country with the best looking men and women in the entire world. In addition to housing some seriously beautiful places and attractions, the country is teeming with beautiful gals and guys galore!

The women you meet in this country are literally stunning. Picture this! Tall and slender, blonde and blue eyed, smart and friendly, and highly educated. That’s what would describe a Swedish woman. Probably the best place to get a girl with both the beauty and the brains!


Beautiful Thai Women - Dr Prem

Thailand may be known for its nature, culture and hospitality. It is also known for its beautiful women who are shy, but extremely friendly and romantic once they come to know you though. A tad bit dark skinned, these beauties sport soft features and exude a jaw dropping raw exoticism that needs to be seen to be believed!


Beautiful Bulgarian Women - Dr Prem

Bulgarian women are no exception as well!

Not many would know that this little country in Eastern Europe happens to be home to some of the most angelic women on Earth. With plenty of medieval towns, lively cities, bustling ski resorts and stunning beaches, Bulgaria is the quintessential holiday hub for avid travelers.

Tall, fair skinned, light eyed and dark haired, these beauties are extremely friendly and romantic. And if you really want to guess as to how they would look like in person, take a look at Kate Beckinsale from the Underworld movie series and you would probably know what we are talking about here.


Beautiful Russian Women - Dr Prem

Russia is said to be home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Fair skinned, blue eyed, raven haired, slender and highly intelligent. And the beauty of these women is not restricted to the capital alone. All the way from Siberia to Moscow, there are over 4000 miles of land filled with these gorgeous women. Better yet, you can manage to find a unique blend of Russian speaking Asians and Europeans as move towards Siberia.


Beautiful Dutch Women - Dr Prem)

The Dutch may be known around the world for their friendly hospitality. However, they are also known for their amazingly tall and beautiful women. And when we say tall, we mean really tall. The average Dutch women is easily over 5ft 8 inches tall.

But that doesn’t seem to deter individuals from flocking to the country just to have a look at these beauties. Don’t worry about the response you would get, as Dutch women also tend to be among the friendliest and most welcoming women on the planet.


Beautiful Lebanese Women Dr Prem

The Arab world and beautiful women go hand in hand. And when it comes to gorgeous Arabian women, you would find plenty of them in Lebanon. If their slender, curvy and sun tanned bodies don’t catch your attention, their mesmerizing eyes definitely would. Usually left out from such lists, Lebanese women are like beautiful mysteries waiting to be unraveled.


Beautiful Indian Women - Dr Prem

How can a list like this go complete without mentioning India? Sugar, Spice and everything nice! That’s the quintessential Indian woman for you. Sugary in her friendly demeanor and spicy in her looks and style quotients, the typical Indian beauty would captivate you for sure.

Indian women are very religious and cultural. And even the most modern Indian woman would transform into a traditional avatar from time to time. They take extra care in whatever they do, including treating, caring for and pampering their men.

No one can wear the saree like the Indian women. It’s actually a wonder as to how these women can drape themselves in 6 yards of cloth and still come out looking ultra-sexy and drop-dead gorgeous. And it takes a certain panache to carry off the saree in style, which Indian women manage to accomplish effortlessly.


Beautiful BrazilianWomen - Dr Prem

Brazilian beauties are world famous, as they are a superb mix of bodies and features. It is believed that in Brazil, one can find the most ethnically mixed people, and probably this is what brings so much of beauty in its inhabitants, especially women. One can amaze oneself being in Brazil and see sexy blondes and lovely black women. Brazilian models are everywhere with their curvaceous bodies and sporty features.


Beautiful Italian Women - Dr Prem

Italy is one country that has contributed a lot to all of us, as in it has given us all some amazing fashion brands, scintillating Ferraris, mouthwatering pizzas and pastas, and last but surely not the least, the wonderful women. Italian women are famous all over the world as super hot models. Italian women are known as Bella and they are extremely elegant and chic in their style. As Italy is a fashion hub, Italian women have extraordinary fashion sense, which adds on to their beauty.


Beautiful Canadian Women - Dr Prem

Canada is a country with many ethnic groups, which is why the beauties you find there are the best of everywhere. There you find white women, black, and the mixed that look drop dead gorgeous. Majority of women there do not shirk work out, as they love to be in shape and flaunt their curvaceous bodies.


Beautiful Serbian Women

You could easily find a tall, fair, sexy, and gorgeous woman in Serbia. Their beautiful features and perfect bodies are owing to their marvelous genes, a combination of Mediterranean and the Slavic genes. Approximately 99 percent of the Serbian girls are naturally blessed with the perfect body shape that is required to become an actor, those long legs, flat tummy, perfect waist, right sized ass, and curvy breasts.

South Korea

Beautiful South Korean Women Dr Prem

Fair and glowing skin, lustrous hair, and cute features make Korean girls adorable and sexy. Yet another factor that makes Korean beauties even more stylish is their impeccable fashion sense.


Beautiful Croatian Women Dr Prem

The scintillating beauties of Croatia have features that seem to be the best of Italian and French beauties. Women there have such beautiful texture and color of skin that not many of them even require makeup. While in Croatia, visitors cannot help but appreciate the natural beauties.


Beautiful Colombian Women Dr Prem

Colombia is not just a hot country in terms of cocaine and drugs but the women there are even hotter. Beauties in Columbia are very different from women at other places, a beautiful combination of modernity and traditionalism. They are bold and beautiful, and while you are in Colombia, you would not have trouble finding eye candies for sure.


Beautiful Argentinian Women - Dr Prem

This South American country is known for its stunning beaches and locales, and equally stunning women. The women here are tall, striking, fashionable, friendly and incredibly romantic. And they tend to speak English with a heavy accent that would floor you instantly! Probably, it explains why Argentina is considered home to the most beautiful women in the Western Hemisphere.

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