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Random Acts of Kindness That Make Us Melt

Random Acts of Kindness That Make Us Melt

Life isn’t just about living for yourself. It’s about taking notice of the situations, and people surrounding you. Sometimes, you have to hit pause on your life, to realize those who don’t have it as good as you do. And, even if it’s for a moment, we should strive to make some sort of positive difference in that person’s life. What these people did to help others may have not been monumental to the public, but to that one person they helped, it meant the world. That’s all that matters!

This homecoming queen who gave up her crown to a bullied girl


 These police officers who made sure all the pizzas were delivered after the driver was involved in an accident


 The boys who dressed in skirts to support their transgendered friend


 These students comforting their classmate after losing his mother to cancer


 These Lowe’s employees who rebuilt a veteran’s wheelchair after it broke in the store


 This old woman giving back to her community



 This man who didn’t want a stranger to get soaked


 This stranger who left this envelope on a pregnant couple’s door after their house flooded


 This dedicated daddy


 This kind and honest office cleaner


 This man who gives his time to teach another to read


 The car place that made this disabled boys day


 This man who wanted to honor his friend


How will you help those around you? Share this, and inspire only goodness to your friends!

BY · OCTOBER 27, 2014

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