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14 Celebrities Were Caught Checking Out: The Law of Attraction of Butts and Boobs

Kanye West looks really focused on the game

staring 15

We caught Lebron James slippin’

staring 14

Even the most powerful men have to turn around

starign 13


Don’t be fooled, women stare too

stargin 12

Diddy is admiring Jessica Biel’s “necklace”


No wonder why Ashton Kutcher is a Lakers fan

staring 11

Tiger always looks so focused and determined

staring 7

Justin Timberlake


Isn’t it surprising that Thierry Henry and Tony Parker are not the ones getting all the attention?


Cheerleader 5 – Beckham 0


Bradley Cooper is practicing on his American Sniper skills


We can’t really blame Usher for turning around


US President Bill Clinton was unaware that woman was taking a selfie


Not even Hillary Clinton can look away from Christina Aguilera’s breast


He is not a celebrity but the picture is definitely worth sharing


This kid is confident enough to become a super star


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