“Success in any life area is about acting on ONE opportunity one at a time, and
leaving ALL other opportunities behind at your doorstep – waiting for a right time if any.”
~ Robert Chaen

There are 8 LIFE AREAS:
1. Self
2. Family
3. Relationships
4. Health
5. Wealth
6. Spirituality
7. Social
8. Career

There are always many, many great opportunities that come along your way in any or all of your 8 Life Areas.

Stop CHASING other Greener Grasses in the form of a new hottie colleague, a new business idea, a dream film role, a perfect job, or a too good to be true investment return – it usually is “too good to be true”!

“Chasing leads to nowhere.
Do only ONE opportunity leads to success.”
~ Robert Chaen

(My slogan to Coachees)
Make that ONE a real success.
WAIT. You’ll know when you are ready to do the NEXT ONE.

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