Famous Trendsetters who were earlier called nutcases and dreamers: All non-conformists

“If you call me a crazy nutcase or a foolish dreamer,
then you’ve recognized me as a rare, creative, influential, non-conforming trendsetter.”
~ Robert Chaen

Trendsetters who were earlier called nutcases and dreamers: All non-conformists 
John Lennon (“Imagine”, murdered),
Michael Jackson (“King of Pop” but most misunderstood),
Psy (was 35 years old, the oldest Korean popstar when “Gangnam Style” became the 1st to exceed 1 billion YouTube views),
Martin Luther King Jr. (assassinated),
Nelson Mandela (27 years in prison),
Steve Jobs (sacked),
Richard Branson (from music to airline),
Princess Diana (divorced and lost her HRH title),
Aung San Suu Kyi (15 years under house arrest),
Joshua Wong (17 year old Umbrella Movement Hong Kong student leader),
Mohamed Bouazizi (his self-immolation was the catalyst for Arab Spring)…
Marco Polo (Venetians did not believe his description about Chinese paper money was real),
Joan of Arc (was burnt at the stake),
Galileo (was imprisoned for proving that the Earth is not the center of the Universe)…
Robert Chaen (50% clients oppose his change initiatives even after paying his services, many Malaysians and foreigners don’t believe Bounce Back Malaysia can unite Malaysians to spread kindness and to bounce back as a better, loving Malaysia after a disastrous 2014)

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___________________________________________________________Robert’s ViewAs #1 Change Expert, my research reveals that 70% of all change initiatives FAIL, and 50% of all levels of staff are resistance to changes.

Change initiatives fail mainly because of 5 factors:

1. Lack of buy in  2. No sense of urgency  3. No matching new skillsets to affect changes  4. No mindset changes or new culture change through training and development  5. No internal team of Change Agents to implement and advocate the right changes.

The progression of change response:
When some people oppose my initiative, I know that I’m on a right path.
When some key people (i.e. media, CEOs, celebrities, VIPs, ministers) publicly endorse my initiative, I know that the public will buy in and it’ll reach a critical mass of movement when nothing can stop the idea of the initiative.
When many small groups openly oppose my initiative, I know that positive changes are noticeably happening and it’s ruffling feathers.