Top 5 things men find most physically attractive in women (PG rated)

So ladies, I want you to take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you think that men find most physically attractive about us in order of importance. Then compare it to my research and see just how wrong you are!!!!

C’mon this will be fun get off your duff and go get that pen, seriously! Unless of course your that good and can make a mental list. Alright good enough.

Yeah, men are pigs, dogs, ass%$#@, for how shallow they can actually be. Unfortunately there really isn’t much we can do about that, they are who they are and alas, will never change. Although there may have been a bit of a mishap at the gene pool if your guy isn’t one of those visual molesters.

I must admit though that I was shocked when I did the research via the internet reading blogs etc. of real life guys spilling their guts on what they really found physically attractive about women. Granted the list does include the usual crap but the order of importance may surprise you!

Okay so here we go:

5. Boobs – Ha! and you thought this was going to be number 1 didn’t you? I have to admit so did I. Seriously though, through my determined fact finding I just couldn’t come up with anything to validate it being number one. Now don’t get me wrong there were a few guys that said they liked “big racks on chicks”, “the bigger the better”. For the most part men made comments that a mouthful is fine. Some even commented they liked the feel of natural breasts over fake boobies. Who would have thought???

So I guess it gives the term “fun bags” a whole new meaning! However, I’m not so sure I’m convinced. NO man can resist a nice rack and as far as I’m concerned they secretly find this most attractive they just don’t want to sound like an ass clown on the blogs. Then again, maybe we women keep telling ourselves this to continue to justify getting boob jobs………….moving on.

4. Face – Okay, so you must admit this probably comes to no surprise to you as far as where this lands on the list. It just validates how shallow men actually are. It gives the term “just put a bag over her head” meaning……at least in a man’s mind. Yes, once again men have lived up to womens expectations or lack there of. Give a man a nice set of tits to play with along with a great ass and who really cares about the face!

Seeing this as number four on the list clarifies this is sooo many ways. Just in case you think I’m being shallow………..It would be different if we were including other attributes on this list such as personality, sexiness, a great person, then of course looks would not matter but keep in mind that we are not, it’s a physical attributes list, thank you and moving on, we’re walking, we’re walking……..

3. Eyes – Aaaahhhh, yes the eyes, windows to the soul. I was surprised men even included this as something physically important. I figured they would just stick to the fleshy parts. However I guess they aren’t all that bad. One man said he liked it when a women had bedroom eyes and with one look could make his “person” crazy horny. So it’s not so much the eyes as what she can do with them is that what they are saying?

Not all. Some had specific eye requirements such as the color. Not surprisingly, most men adored blue and/or green eyes. Guess we women with the boring browns are screwed again! Not if the men prefer a Latina look then of course they said they liked the dark hair, dark eyes combo. However the majority still melted over a pair of baby blues.

2. Legs – This was absolutely no surprise to me as we all know men would give their left testicle to have a woman with long, lean, sexy legs. How does it go now? Ummmmm oh yeah! I like them long so they can wrap them around me. Well excuse me, but unless you’re a fatty fatty two by four can’t get through the bathroom door, any chicks set of gams can wrap around you. Those of us with legs on the shorter side (myself included) need some validation in this department!

Sure long and lean look sexy on a runway but to be able to wrap them around a man and squeeze the hell out of him? Not gonna happen, the women with shorter legs pack more muscle. In fact, shorter legs have shorter muscles and are able to bulk up a whole lot more than a longer pair of gams because they have longer muscles and will never look as shapely as a shorter pair of gams. So put that in your pipe and smoke it lovers of the long and lean legs!!!!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the most attractive thing men find physically on women:




1. BUTT – Come on, honestly did you think it was going to be anything else?? In the world of “thick women” lovin’ men could it have actually been anything else?? Yes it’s no surprise men appreciate a nice ass. Firm, full, juicy, thick…….damn sounds like we’re discussing a steak! Well it’s not too far off to how some men describe women (as a piece of meat). For the most part men enjoyed looking at a woman who could fill out her jeans nicely. You know the old saying, hate to see you go but love to watch you leave?

Yup this applies here. I actually found a woman on these blogs who made a comment to the men raving about a nice ass and bravely asked the question “why is a nice ass so important, what is the fascination with a nice ass?” One of many men were of course eager to reply with something that only a man could say (and this is where the PG rating comes in) “We like to look at it jiggle while we are doing you from behind!” Wooooooow that was deep, I wonder how long it took him to think of that one? So the next time your doing your lunges and squats to keep your booty in the cutie, just think of why you’re doing it. So you can look good while you’re man is doing you from behind. Now that’s something to strive for in life!

So how did your list rate? Was it pretty close to the actual list or way off? Let me know what you think!

3rd June 2009
Updated: 22nd June 2019.



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Top 5 things women find most physically attractive in men


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