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Singapore most liveable city in Asia and the world

Singapore most liveable city in Asia and the world

KL and Georgetown rank 16th in Asia and 118th in the world.


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SINGAPORE: Singapore remains the most liveable city in Asia and the world for expatriates while Hong Kong slips to 33rd place from 17th in the global ranking of expatriate living conditions published by ECA International.

In Asia, Kuala Lumpur and George Town both ranked 16th in Asia and 118th in the world, while Johor Baharu ranked 21st in Asia and 126th in the world.

In 2014, Kuala Lumpur was 16th, George Town (17th) and Johor Baharu (21st) in Asia.

ECA International regional director – Asia Lee Quane said, “Good air quality, solid infrastructure, decent medical facilities, low crime and health risks have contributed to Singapore maintaining its position at the top of the global ranking for quality of living for Asian assignees.

“The fact that Singapore comes out tops time and time again does make it a very attractive proposition for companies looking to set up in offices the region, particularly when conditions in Hong Kong (Singapore’s arch rival for the past few years) have deteriorated a little.”

Updated annually, ECA assesses 450 locations worldwide on the quality of living based on climate; availability of health services; housing and utilities; isolation; access to a social network and leisure facilities; infrastructure; personal safety; political tensions, and air quality.

Singapore is followed by Sydney and Adelaide in the ranking for Asian assignees.

In mainland China, Shanghai, ranked 110th globally, is China’s most liveable city followed by Beijing (122nd). Scores have remained steady across most Chinese locations but Chongqing and Shenzhen saw the highest improvement over the year.

In India, Bangalore, ranked 171st globally, followed by Mumbai and Chennai. New Delhi (204th) is the least liveable. Along with Beijing, Delhi has the worst score for air quality not just in Asia but globally.

In Thailand, the declaration of martial law has led to a worsening in socio-political scores for locations there, plummeting Bangkok and Chang Mai both to the 112th spot, down from last year’s 108th.


January 23, 2015


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