20 jan

Bounce Backers’ Touch A Heart Initiative [TAH]:
“Touch A Heart Initiative” is the most visible world-wide initiative under the wider umbrella of Bounce Backers.

Bounce Backers inspires you to do an Act of Kindness:
Step 1: Think of a simple act of kindness.

Step 2: Get as a friend to video record the act with a handphone camera or higher grade DSLR.

Step 3: Put these 2 line captions in your video: #BounceBackers
A Bounce Backers Touch A Heart Initiative by ____ (your full name).
LIKE and share: https://www.facebook.com/BounceBackers

Step 4: Put your edited video on social media: YouTube, Facebook.

Step 5: Create a posting on this Bounce Backers Facebook community page with the YouTube url link of your video for a much greater number of views.

#BounceBackers #TouchAHeart #ActsofKindness #KindnessOfTheWeek