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Bounce Backers Movement starts with #BounceBackMalaysia

Bounce Backers Movement starts with #BounceBackMalaysia
A nation-wide initiative to unite Malaysians to spread acts of kindness and positive changes, and to bounce back as a better, loving Malaysia. LIKE us.

2. Never failing


Bounce Back Malaysia (BBM in short) is a nation-wide initiative to unite Malaysians to spread acts of kindness and positive changes, and to bounce back as a better, loving Malaysia.

BBM is part of a world-wide initiative by Bounce Backers (BB) which is very fast growing global community spreading positivity, creating pockets of change, touching hearts, and making a difference in the world around us.

BBM is non-religious, non-racial, non-political, non-judgmental, and non-profit.

If you stand for giving back, peace, love, truth, freedom, personal transformation, and learning, this is our very own place where we belong as a close knitted global community.

Bounce Back Malaysia invite as many Malaysians and foreign Malaysia supporters to join our nation-wide initiative.

We, Malaysians want to show the world that we can bounce back in 2015 from 2014 which one of Malaysia’s biggest crisis years – with the triple air disasters (MH370, MH17, AirAsia QZ8501), and the worst floods in 40 years.

We can rise above the worst racial, religious, and political conflicts to be a better, loving Malaysia.

We welcome all peace-loving, accepting, kind, spiritual people from ALL walks of life.

If you are inspired by this mission, join us and spread the good news that Malaysians are ready to bounce back. Start doing an act of kindness today.

IMAGINE… thousands of Malaysians doing an act of kindness, videoing it, and making the video go viral…

Bounce Back Malaysia is way BIGGER than you and I. You are a positive, giving person, join us today.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Gandhi

BBM includes “Touch a Heart” CSR program to inspire Malaysians and Organizations to do an act of kindness, video it, and upload to our website, and other social and new media.

#BounceBackMalaysia #BounceBackers #TouchAHeart

Board Member of Bounce Back Malaysia:
* Founder: Robert Chaen (CEO of ChangeU Group), spokesperson
* Craig Santy: (President, Chaen-Santy Media) social media, CSR, PR
* Iris Chia: production, Best BBM Song contest
* Datuk Ismail Ramli: (VP, Scouts Assoc. of Malaysia)

VIPs, Celebrities, CEOs, Influencers who are patrons & supporters of BBM:
Asyraf Dato’ Sri Khalid
Joanne Kwan
Raj Aria
Tania Hudson


If your or your organization would like to be involved in this nation-wide initiative, email:

BBM Activities may include:
[ ] “Bounce Back” inspirational talks: 2 hour Energizers / Lunch & Learn workshops / Keynote Conference Coaching / half day of full day workshops/ Train-the-Trainer learning programs.

[ ] “Touch a Heart” CSR program tailor made and relevant to your branding and CSR objectives.

[ ] Sponsorship for:
Contests: Best Bounce Back Song of Malaysia/ Best Slogan / Best Logo
Kick-off event

[ ] T-Shirts, memorabilia – specially designed T-Shirts with your logo and name printed e.g. Bounce Back AirAsia

#BounceBackMalaysia #BounceBackers  #DiamondLeader #AsyrafKhalid #SitiNurhaliza #AKlasse #MalaysianCelebrities #ScoutsAssociation #IsmailRamli  #BounceBackTalks

If you are a Foreigner and would like to start the Bounce Back Movement in your Country/ City, email:

Bounce Back Malaysia Picture Gallery

Asyraf - turn

The 1st Celebrity to join BBM is Asyraf Khalid, the son of Dato’ K and stepson of Siti Nurhaliza. He is Executive Director/ CEO of A Klasse, a celebrity talent management company.


Siti Nurhaliza, famous singer

Datuk Ismail - turn

The 1st and largest uniform organization (1.2m members) to show interest to join BBM nation-side initiative is The Scouts Association of Malaysia. through the initial support of Datuk Ismail Ramli, the Chairman of Scouts.


The 1st ever group of Bounce Back Malaysia supporters: Diamond Leader MasterClass Kuala Lumpur 14 & 15 January 2015.


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