Best Sex Position for each Zodiac Sign (pictorial sex info for adults)

#1 Aries

Aries is known to for being aggressive and can be into rough, fast sex. The rear-entry position like Bootyful View, will offer him an amazing view he’ll love, WHILE you control the speed, depth, and intensity of penetration.

#2 Taurus

The Taurus man is sensual, and enjoys taking sex slow. He’s a bit conventional and enjoys the missionary position. He’ll be able to control the speed, give you long kisses and look into your eyes the entire time.

#3 Gemini

These men are quick talkers as well as masters of “the quickie“. Try a sexy standing position where you face away from him while he presses you up against a wall.

#4 Cancer

Cancerians are indecisive and can have split personalities. One day they’re sensual and another they prefer sex rough. Try girl-on-top so you can take charge in case he decides to switch it up on you.

#5 Leo

The Lions are romantic and will go the extra mile to please you, like with satin sheets and candles. Try a spooning position, it’s very intimate and will be a great opportunity for you both to get touchy-feely.

#6 Virgo

Virgos are usually givers, although they like to keep things clean. Lie on your back, with your legs in the air forming a V-shape. This will give him the chance show off his. . . talents

#7 Libra

Talented Libras are practically good in any position, so try this advanced one: Have him pick you up, wrap your legs around his waist, and trust us, he’ll take it from there.

#8 Scorpio

He’s sensitive to solve all your problems and in bed, where he’s at his best. Try a face-to-face that begins in a doggy-style, then rotate on your knees so you’re facing one another staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

#9 Sagittarius

Sags are the most spontaneous of all signs! Do you like public sex? If so you’ve met your match. Try a standing position where he enters you from behind while he holds one of your legs up, slightly bent at the knee. If he pushes you up against the window, there will be the thrill of getting caught.

#10 Capricorn

The earthy Capricorn is into S&M! Try doggy style, but keep your face down on a pillow. Try a little spanking and dirty talking, in fact talking is a great idea here to let him know what excites you and what doesn’t, before you do the deed.

#11 Aquarius

The curious Aquarius is into sex toys and props. While you’re on top of him, grab your vibrator and rub it on your clitoris. It gives you extra stimulation, and it’s a huge turn on for him.

#12 Pisces

Pisces are intuitive and great at reading body language. He’ll often know exactly what you want, AND how. They’re also into role-playing and make great actors in bed!

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