What guys would do with drunk girls POLL

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Some commented that real men don’t MAKE women drunk. Yes, we normally don’t go out to do that. However, sometimes despite discouraging women don’t to get too drunk, they still go ahead. It’s their human right.

Just like you may discourage girls not to dress too revealingly, but they still go ahead to do that – because it’s their human right. But is it your excuse to rape them.

A few months ago I had this situation. I had a late night drinking business conversation with a very pretty business associate. She drank quite a few bottles of beer. I just had one (I’m useless, I get all red and tipsy very quickly).

She drove me back, which on hindsight I really should have strongly insisted to offer a Uber taxi ride to get her home safely. But it was inconvenient for her to get back her car the next day.

She had to use my house washroom. She sat on my sofa, we chat for 2 minutes. And then she was knocked out! I waited for a few minutes but she did not respond.

So like a gentleman I rested her on my big sofa, covered her with a warm blanket and a pillow for her head. I took down a portable mattress and laid next to the sofa. I didn’t want her to freak out when she woke up to find that she’s not in her home.

A few hours later, she woke up and told me she wanted to drive home. She was sober then.

I had made a informal survey with male friends and associates what would they do in this situation. There were mixed comments, but I was not surprised that some men admitted that they would take advantage of such a situation if they are attracted to a hot girl.


If Wizard Chaen drinks, he takes a taxi home.

Don't Drink & Drive - baby

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