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Pic with a unique direct evening sunset rays and glow on my hands and my iPhone 6. Artistic photographic capture of my pleasure and mood by Michelle Adelaine Chen, our new ChangeU Intern (Taylor’s University) cum PA to CEO

A RM814 saving tip and the features I like about iPhone 6 Plus. My new baby toy in Gold [64G] @RM3149.

I was lucky today to get one of the last stock that came in iStore Digital Mall PJ (Section 14) 3 days ago. This is only the 2nd batch after the 1st batch in early Dec. which sold out (16 pieces only) in a few hours.

Apparently I saved RM814 if I buy iPhone 6 SEPARATELY vs. buying it with a 24 month Telco plan.

Kumar, a customer service guy at iStore Digital Mall PJ said the telcos force you to commit to a higher monthly plan for 24 months which you may not use fully: RM158pm vs. RM100pm.

Therefore, you pay RM58x24mths=RM1392
+ RM2059 (price of iPhone) + RM512 (advance payment)=
TOTAL RM3963 (Telco) vs. RM3149 (Reseller) = RM814 saving from separate buying from Apple Reseller.

Buying from Telco is more worth it if you are a HIGH usage user who would make full use of the RM158 plan for 24 months, then you’ll save:
3149 (Reseller price)-(2571 iPhone price from Telco)= RM578 saving from buying from Telco.

Get it! My finance calculation and comparison is impressive haha.

A client of mine (an iPhone user) who frequently travels around Europe, Asia and Hong Kong comparing prices claims that Malaysia is still the CHEAPEST place to buy an iPhone 6 – especially now with low Ringgit Malaysia currency exchange and pre-GST.

The tempered glass scratch-proof screen protector is impressive (accessory). I was pleasantly surprised to find included in the box is the Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic. Great bass, cute controls, and in sexy iconic Apple white.

Best of all, Touch ID, the Thumbprint identity sensor built into the Home button is God-send for my PA to access and handle my calls, PMs, meetings, Uber bookings, social media & FB postings, LinkedIn headhunting connections, and Apple “Passbook” boarding passes, tickets, coupons, etc.

She just comes to me for my quick thumbprint access. I almost feel I’m a busy Bank Branch Manager approving multiple transactions with an instant thumbprint stamp of approval – a very cool feeling indeed!

I still have not started my intimate relationship with Siri, my Apple PA yet…

I wish I can approve cheques (I spoil cheques with mistakes), approve CEO decisions at a touch of a thumbprint…aah Steve Jobs send some afterlife inspiration to your design team and banks too!

Now to figure how to use the 16 Things You Didn’t Know Your New iPhone 6 Could Do: http://tinyurl.com/q3wxqmp

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