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11 Signs you’re an old soul. And the boy who lived before.

11 Signs you’re an old soul. And the boy who lived before. 

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” ~ Satchel Paige

There is a special type of person in our world who finds themselves alone and isolated, often times even since birth.


The sometimes lonely experience from this person isn’t because of any sort of antisocial behavior.  It has more to do with being different.  This person feels old and often acts more mature than the typical person.  They often stand out in their behavior and live more outside the box when it comes to the rules of society.

Because of this the old soul often finds themselves a bit alone or with only a few close friends.  Younger souls will flock to this soul because they can almost sense the depth of experience within them.

Have you ever met someone who you would speak to for wisdom?  Have people come to you before seeking guidance?

The “Old Soul”

Many famous and wise people have been called old souls.  For example Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle and even Nikola Tesla have been called them.  Perhaps you have been too?  Their vast wisdom an unquenchable thirst for growth and discovery are key attributes that they bring to humanity.

If you believe you are an old soul but are not yet sure check out the list below to see.

11 Signs You’re An Old Soul

imgres #1   You tend to be a bit of a Loner.

Because older souls are wise beyond their years they often find that they do not fit within their typical crowd of peers.  In fact they often make friends with people much older than they are.  When an old soul cannot find wisdom from other people they tend to go off on their own and search out their own path of self discovery.

#2   You love knowledge, wisdom and truth.

old-soul-wisdomGrowth and experience are powerful tools that you use in your studies.  Learning and understanding truth is one of the things that excites you the most.

Ignorance isn’t bliss and that is why the older soul continually seeks out new ideas, philosophies and adventures.

The older soul isn’t interested in the latest media scandal or the drama on the TV.

#3   You’re spiritually inclined.


The older soul has a deeper and more natural connection with the world around them.

Although they may not be religious they connect better with nature and have a grand respect for mother earth.

Wisdom has taught them that we need to have a healthy planet, body, mind and soul in order to thrive as a species and they seek things that will continuously improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

#4   You understand the Deep Connections of Life.



Old souls can be seen withdrawn at times, almost burdened down with the stress of the world around them.  Working hard in their minds to solve the issues of the world is a normal thought pattern for these people.  Wanting to help others and understanding how we are all connected is another key attribute of the old soul.

#5   You’re Thankful.

images-1Because you understand how everything around you is connect you are very grateful when someone goes out of their way for you.  You are grateful to the earth for providing a beautiful world for you to live.  The sunset is a gift from the sky to brighten your life and you are grateful for it.

You recognize that people dont have to be kind and so you go out of your way to be kind to others.

#6   You see the bigger picture.
9 Signs Youre An Old Soul

Old souls understand the big picture.  They can see what they are creating with their lives years in advance and strive to live beautifully.

Their life path is a bit different than most.  They see in a creative big picture way and notice more opportunities for success.

They don’t break down as hard when things go wrong because they understand that life is guiding them in a new direction.

#7   You aren’t Materialistic.

Fame, titles, status, and popularity don’t phase you.  You don’t care to wear the most stylish fashions or own the newest smart phone.  Quality over quantity and buying something for the best value is your core motivation when in comes to physical objects.

Competing with the neighbors is also not a priority for your life.  Having nice things kept in good working condition are more important that impressing anyone to the old soul.

#8   You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid.

9 Signs Youre An Old Soul

Sometimes old souls had a hard time fitting in when they were younger.  They were a bit of a loner in school.

Sometimes they were seen as the ‘black sheep’ of the family.  And even at times they were out right rebellious.

The old soul sometimes feels older than their parents and has to be patient with them while they learn how to express their feelings.

Old souls sometimes have a hard time with the structure of traditional school and hierarchies of authority.

#9   You just “feel” old.

Somewhere deep inside you just feel old.  You have that strange feeling like you have done this before and it isn’t that scary to you.

It is easy to become frustrated with drama immaturity and younger souls.  It takes a lot of patience and understanding to work with the typical person.  You have had to learn that you are a constant teacher and must always show the way with your actions and life choices.

Sometimes people, regardless of age, can seem ‘young at heart’.  Inversely others have been known to be ‘Old at heart’ no matter their age.

#10 You trust your Gut

African woman with hands crossed over heart

When life gets crazy, and it does, you have learned to trust in your intuition.  It isn’t always easy to follow what you feel inside but you have found that you get the best results when you do.

Making decisions and having them end up to be the best choice for you or others comes easier to you.

#11 You are good at Listening

imagesWhen other younger souls seem to drown on and on you are the one who sits back and absorbs all of the data.  Listening is where you do the most learning and since you enjoy learning it comes easy.

People are often impressed with your ability to calmly listen and enjoy talking to you when they are having a hard time.

Have you been called an old soul before?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,


Spirit Team

Adaptation from article by Lonerwolf.  #Rebirth_______________________________________________________________________________

The Boy Who Lived Before

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.42.58 AM

Watch video…

Published on Jun 1, 2013

Cameron, ever since he was just a toddler, talks about another family he used to live with, called the Robertsons. Cameron knows the names of his previous family, where they lived, and can even describe the house and the landscape of his previous home on the island of Barra, some 200 miles away. But Cameron has never been there. Doctor Jim Tucker, of the University of Virginia, and Cameron’s mother travel to Barra with Cameron to find the house, exactly as Cameron described.

This six-year-old boy is called Cameron Macaulay. He is not much different from other boys of his age. What differentiates him from others is that he likes to talk about his “old mum”, his former family and a white house standing on the bay. But none of them is related to his current life. The place he is talking about is a place where he had never been in this life and is on the Isle of Barra, 160 miles away from where he is living now. These things make Cameron’s mother feel worried.

Cameron spoke about his former parents, how his dad died, and about his brothers and sisters in the previous life. He also said that his “old mum” was the one in his previous life. Cameron believes that he has a previous life and he worries that the family in his previous life misses him. His nursery school teacher told Norma all the things Cameron was saying about the Isle of Barra and how he misses his mummy and his brothers and sisters there. .

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