No alcohol or illicit drugs found in Robin Williams’ body, autopsy shows

Robin Williams had recently become increasingly paranoid when he committed suicide by hanging himself, coroners said, but he had no alcohol or illicit drugs in his system.

There were also signs that the comic actor, who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, had tried to cut his left wrist, according to an autopsy report released on Friday.

No suicide note or other indication that he planned to take his own life was found at the scene, the report said.

The 63-year-old actor, known for high-energy, rapid-fire improvisation and clowning, was found dead on August 11 at his home in Marin county, north of San Francisco.

The coroner for Marin county, Robert Doyle, said the investigation into his death had concluded, giving the cause as “asphyxia due to hanging” and the manner of death as “suicide”.

“Toxicological evaluation revealed the absence of alcohol or illicit drugs. Prescription medications were detected in therapeutic concentrations,” it added in a brief statement.

A longer coroners’ report said: “His prior medical history reportedly included depression, Parkinson’s disease and a recent increase in paranoia.”

The report included other details about Williams’ medical history. He had shown symptoms of Parkinson’s since 2011, including a left-arm tremor and slowing of left-hand movements. He was diagnosed with the disease in November last year.

“The clinical history is notable for depression, with components of paranoia, compulsiveness and anxiety,” it said. Williams had been sleeping separately from his wife partly because he talked in his sleep, sometimes very loudly, the report said.

Williams, an Oscar winner and veteran of movies, stand-up shows and hit television series, was one of Hollywood’s most popular entertainers, and his death triggered an outpouring of emotion the world over.

Star of hit films such as Good Morning, Vietnam and Mrs Doubtfire, Williams had last been seen alive the day before his death by his wife, Susan Schneider, before she went to bed.

She left the house the next day assuming he was still asleep in a separate room in the home in Tiburon, California.

Williams’ ashes were scattered in San Francisco Bay, according to reports.