IN PICTURES: The highs and lows of Hong Kong’s Occupy protests

From riot police and tear gas to umbrellas and democracy dogs, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong have produced some incredibly iconic images. As the protests enter their fifth day, we choose 25 of our favourites.

Occupy Central leader Benny Tai addresses supporters in Mong Kok. Tai has called for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying’s resignation. Photo: May Tse

A woman sprays water into the air to help cool fellow protesters in the stifling Hong Kong heat. Photo: AP

A woman holds a sign as protesters pour into a protest site in Admiralty. Photo: Kyodo

Enveloped by clouds of tear gas smoke, a protester strikes a defiant pose during a stand-off with police near government headquarters in Admiralty. Photo: KY Cheng

“Do you hear the people sing?” A Cantonese version of the Les Miserables song has become one of the anthems of the protests. Photo: Felix Wong

Crowds of protesters in Causeway Bay. Photo: Sam Tsang

Demonstrators use their mobile phones to create a sea of lights. Photo: Bloomberg

Protesters flee tear gas in downtown Hong Kong. Photo: AFP

Police justified the use of tear gas against protesters on the basis that pepper spray was not working. Photo: Sam Tsang

A mass of protesters in Admiralty. Tens of thousands have taken to the streets in the last four days. Photo: EPA

A police officer points pepper spray at protesters. Authorities have been criticised for their heavy-handed tactics in the first days of the demonstrations. Photo: EPA

Riot police advance through a cloud of tear gas. Photo: AFP

District Councillor Paul Zimmerman holding a yellow umbrella in silent protest during a National Day Reception attended by CY Leung. Photo: KY Cheung

A man helps a fellow protester wash tear gas residue out of his eyes. Photo: AFP

A tear gas canister explodes over protesters in downtown Hong Kong. Photo: AP

A demonstrator offers a flower to police in riot gear. Tear gas has not been used since Sunday night, and the protests have taken on a more convivial air. Photo: AFP

“Not a party.” Some have voiced concerns that many taking part are not taking the protests seriously. Photo: Dickson Lee

A giant effigy of chief executive CY Leung is passed around among protesters in Admiralty. Photo: Bloomberg

Demonstrators shelter from the rain. The protests have been called the “Umbrella Revolution” after demonstrators used them to protect themselves from police pepper spray. Photo: Felix Wong

A demonstrator in New York’s Time Square holds a sign reading “I ❤ Hong Kong”. Solidarity protests have been held in dozens of cities around the world. Photo: Reuters

Protesters sit on a protest site in Admiralty. Photo: Sam Tsang

Students catch some shut-eye in Admiralty. Many have been in the streets since the protests started on Sunday. Photo: AP

The protests have been called the “Umbrella Revolution”. Photo: Sam Tsang

Though the government seems to be intending to wait the protesters out, many fear that tear gas will be used again. Photo: Sam Tsang

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 October, 2014, 1:37pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 October, 2014, 5:34pm