Top 4 Penang Curry Mee in Klang Valley

by • September 8, 2014

Craving some Penang curry mee goodness? Grab a bowl of this hawker favourite within KL and PJ from our shortlist!

By KYeats for HungryGoWhere


We at HGW Malaysia obviously love our curry meee. It wasn’t enough that we tasted our way through Subang and Shah Alam to find the absolute best curry mee available, or that we sniffed out the best curry mee recipe for those rainy days. We’ve now discovered some best places to get Penang curry mee, right here in KL. 

It is very common for a dish that is famous from one area to be offered in another part of the country with slightly altered ingredients. This is usually done due to availability, or sometimes just to suit the local taste better. For Penang hawker dishes in Klang Valley, curry mee is perhaps the one dish that’s most affected. The ingredients used is sometimes so different from the version up north, you might wonder why they still share the same name.

Good news for true Penang curry mee lovers, because here are four places where Penang curry mee is offered with one crucial ingredient (to me, the most important ingredient) to unite them all – coagulated pork blood.

Restaurant Okay @ PJ SS2

This father-and-son stall at Restaurant Okay, SS2 operates from about 7.30am and usually sells out in a little over two hours.


Their dollop of sambal paste packs a serious punch

There’s prawn, blood, cockles, cuttlefish, and very fragrant sambal paste. There are always a couple of tables filled with Penangites seated right next to the stall on weekday mornings, and I join them from time to time.

Sun Sea Kopitiam @ OUG

Closer to KL, the version of Penang curry mee at Sun Sea kopitiam in OUG is also legit.


It’s not unusual to find an entire table of patrons ordering curry noodles

It comes with all the essential ingredients with those slightly charred chilli paste. I also love the way they leave the cockles just ever slightly cooked.

Penang One @ Puchong

For those who are willing to pay a bit more for an air-conditioned dining environment, Penang One offers curry mee all the way from Penang’s Pulau Tikus Keong curry mee stall.


Prawns, long beans, cockles, and of course, coagulated pork blood!

The darker variety of cuttlefish used here is similar to the type used in mee goreng mamak. There’s also long beans, mint leaves, and bunga kantan thrown in for good measure. Definitely worth the extra RM2-3 they charge over kopitiam versions.

Mayiang Jaya Cafe @ Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ

The Penang white curry mee stall at Mayiang Jaya Cafe is one of my latest discoveries in this category. All the essential ingredients are present except for prawns. Mint leaves and long beans sort of make up for it I guess, but I always ask for more pork blood here. It is perhaps the weakest offering among the four, but still manages to satisfy my cravings.


Lacks prawns but still hits the spot!

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