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Bombing in Kuala Lumpur? Could a 2002 Bali Triple Bombing really happen.

[Twin Souls Part 32]

I have been trying to decipher Brenda’s Triple Disaster Premonition in Malaysia since 2 days after MH17 on 19.08.2014 when a few hundred tiny flies died at my doorstep and porch.

The following Signs seem to be pointing to a Triple Bombing in Kuala Lumpur

  • There were a series of articles reported in The South China Morning Post and online news that Malaysia had foiled bomb attacks on discos, pubs, and Carlsberg factory.Unfortunately, this is only a tiny tip of the iceberg of a worldwide recruitment of Jihadist violent terrorism, extremist brainwashing, and  sharia law imposement where the defenseless weak and women are unfairly punished and the sinful men and the hypocritical rich get away with rape and murder.


I agree with what Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said about the terrorist group ‘Islamic State’  “It is shocking. It is becoming out of control”.

Although 19 suspected terrorists were arrested between April and June, there were 12 released due to lack of evidence.

This group, IS as it is now known, poses the greatest threat in years with its “apocalyptic” vision.  Their ruthless tactics seem to be escalating over the past 60 days, so too are their world-wide recruiting efforts. Many new recruits joined after only 1-2 days briefing, unlike previous jihad recruitment took up to 1 year to arrange.    

2. tiny flies 2

  • A few hundreds of tiny flies died on my doorstep 2 days after MH17 was shot down. Initially I thought the tiny flies were about the large number of children who died in MH17: 80 out of 297.

Could this be a sign that 200+ may be killed in some disco-clubs from a Islamic State jihad bombing similar to the 2002 Bali bombing where 202 from various countries were killed from the bomb explosion, smoke or fire.

  • My intern’s car stalled from overheating near St. Ignatius Church in the LDP highway. That morning she heard on the radio that an unusual number of cars stalled in various highways in Kuala Lumpur causing minor jams.

Could these signs be a car bomb?

  • The intern shared with me the story that on 07.08.2014 at around 5:45pm her LG handphone had a crack in the screen when she picked it up from the long office sofa. She could not use most of the touch screen and had to replace it.
LG new screen with crack drawn

LG new screen with crack lines drawn depicting the pattern of the previous crack: looked like a tilted tree to the left with 4 roots at the bottom

The first shock was the Handphone screen cracked by itself from no apparent cause.

The second shock was the intern realized that something weird happened immediately when she was hired after we hung up. A call came in immediately and her handphone slipped from her hand and the back cover cracked. She could hear multiple faint cracking sounds as the back cover cracked all over the surface.

LG replaced back cover

The third shock was the shop that replaced the LG touch screen gave her a second hand back cover that looked similar to the cracked screen i.e. a crack that looked like a tilted tree to the left with 4 roots at the bottom.

Could this be a sign that a car bomb will be ignited by a handphone, parked under a tree or perhaps the location’s logo will contain the image of a tree or tree roots?

  • On 18.08.2014 after eating and visiting the SS2 pasar malam (night market in a suburb half an hour from Kuala Lumpur city), I walked past a foreigner wearing a almost sleeveless t-shirt, with a big tattoo on her upper arm. What caught my attention was a tree symbol. I walked up to her and gave an excuse that I’m researching symbolism in tattoos. I asked to see her tattoo.

An Owl with an English top hat perching on • a barren tree without any leaves • A compass at the start of the trunk

It had the following symbols: • An Owl with an English top hat perching on (on my banner I have an wise owl symbol depicting wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, and psychic premonition   • a barren tree without any leaves (to be this looks a tree stripped of its leaves after a bomb blast) • A compass at the start of the trunk (getting directions)  • a clock with hands at 11:45pm (she said it represented near the start of a new day)  • a scene of London: ferry’s wheel  • “The horizon is my home.” quote


• a clock with 11:45pm (above the ferry’s wheel) • a scene of London: Eye in the sky ferry’s wheel • “The horizon is my home.” quote

Her name was Melanie B__th from UK. She was with another Brit and 2 local Indian Malaysians.

Could this be a sign that a car bomb is parked near a tree or an outlet that uses a tree or roots in its logo or brand name.
Could the time of a disaster be at around 11:45pm?


• After I met the tattooed Brit I cycled home. When I reached the ramp, I froze. Only the area under the ramp had an outage. I had cycled under this ramp for years during the night time but it never had a power outage – weird.

• On 12.08.2014 after a great coaching workshop some graduates, my co-coach and I went for early dinner at the famous “Alor Akar” restaurant in Kuantan. It was a sunny day but it suddenly became dark.


Power outage. The traffic lights were off, but the street lights were on.

10 minutes after the food arrived the restaurant and the surrounding area had a power outage.


The owner came to the front where we were sitting. I asked the owner if outage is a common occurance. He said it rarely happens and immediately commented it’s very weird that the nearby traffic lights were off but the street lights were on. Usually it’s the other way round, because traffic lights are critical for traffic flow and safety they have a much more stable and separate power source.

He was quite puzzled.I wasn’t puzzled because I have seen what Brenda is capable of doing.

Could a 2002 Bali Triple Bombing really happen in Kuala Lumpur – the 3rd psychic premonition after MH17?

Let’s look at history.

On 26.02.1993 at 12:17pm, a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The 1,336 pounds (606 kg) urea nitrate–hydrogen gas enhanced device was intended to knock the North Tower (Tower One) into the South Tower (Tower Two), bringing both towers down and killing tens of thousands of people. It failed to do so, but did kill 6 people and injured more than a thousand.

8 years later, on 11.09.2001 the 9/11 attacks brought down the twin World Trade Center Towers.

Craig Santy was the ONLY journalist INSIDE the scene of the bombing
 (click here for full Article and page 2)

Craig WTC Article Page 1
Craig Santy has recently joined me as the President of Chaen-Santy Media Group (USA) – it’s one of the 3 super-tools for strategic change of the ChangeU Group. 10 minutes before he arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Airport on 20.08.2014 at 12:45am he looked out from his window seat and he saw on screen on a wall of a building in a cluster of buildings it had the words “MH17” for a few seconds and then other Malay words flashed.

I had on 17.07.2014 at 5:00pm RE-scheduled Craig’s trip from August to a later date in September or October. I went to sleep early that night. 7 hours later at around 12:03am Craig whatsapp meMH17!!! What’s going on!!??”



Could the Triple Bombing in Kuala Lumpur be at:

A Dance club  – backpack bomb, maybe a car bomb ignited by a handphone, parked under a tree/ or with roots in their logo..

Possibility Jalan Alor, Changkat, or a brewery.
But this 3rd target may not be successful or may suffer only minor damage as security is very tight.

What is the purpose of all these signs?

Is it to prevent a catastrophic event?

Published: Saturday, 23.08.2014. 9:07pm

Updated: 7 July 2016 (2:55pm)

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