Craig Santy is a top American TV & Film Producer with 20 years of credits producing programming in The United States & Asia.  He is known for such television hits as “The FBI Files” (Discovery), “Hogan Knows Best” (Vh-1) and “Crime 360” (A&E).  Recently he worked as a producer on the award winning feature film “Looper” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

He has worked with top brands such as: Mazda, Jaguar, Verizon, Under Armour, HTC and the NBA in the creation of Branded Content and innovative media solutions.  He is known for his ability to tell compelling brand stories through mainstream entertainment.  Tapped into the social media “jet stream”, he offers brands the opportunity to “go viral” utilizing key “influencers”.  He holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University in NYC (an Ivy league university) where won the coveted Photography Design Award for excellence in photojournalism.

Published on Saturday, 16 August, 2014. 9:30am


Craig Santy – the only journalist at the scene of the World Trade Center bombing in 26.02.1993 at 12:17 pm. [Craig Santy Part 1]


Here’s an article on Craig Santy and how his exclusive pictures appeared in The New York Times and hundreds of newspapers around the world.

Craig WTC Article Page 1

Craig WTC Article Page 2
Here are some of Craig’s worldwide exclusive photos  on the WTC 1993 bombing (1993 copyrighted)

Craig Santy WTC 2


Craig Santy WTC 3 1993

Craig Santy WTC 4 1993



Craig Santy WTC 5 1993


Craig Santy WTC 6 1993


Craig WTC 1 1993



Craig's Photography Design Award