Little Lucy and her mother. In her hand is a RM50 reward to instill honesty in kids and workers.


I found a little ‘angel’ kid called Lucy. Maybe Lucy is a little ‘buddha’ (one with Buddha qualities) in the making…


Little Lucy, the 4 year old ‘angel’ Myanmar kid, finds and returns my wallet

Today 02.08.2014 I received a call at 2:55pm whether I lost my wallet. I immediately asked was it found near DJ dim sum place without even checking my small sling bag where I had put my wallet.


I cycled to the Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Restauarant in Damansara Jaya, a suburb in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I went to the cashier counter. They gave me back my Hugo Boss wallet. I wanted to know who was the kind soul that found and return my wallet.

The cashier took be around the side alley to the back of the restaurant. There were a group of Myanmar kitchen hands squatting around.

The cashier pointed out Lucy. I asked who the mother is. I then took out RM50 note from the wallet and offered to give it to Lucy. She was quite shy. After some coaxing by the group, she took the RM50. I asked to have a pic taken with her and her mother.

The group told the story of Lucy finding my wallet while playing at the side alley. I must have dropped it after I rode away from parking my bicycle there in the shade.

I acknowledge Lucy to be an innocent, happy kid. I acknowledge her mother for being honest. She could easily have kept it and nobody who know – but she didn’t. I can tell Lucy’s mother brought her up well.

I wanted to instill a sense of honesty and ethics in little Lucy and her mother with a cash reward. The wallet had RM130 (US$40) cash, credit cards, and IC.

I told her mum to buy her an ice-cream. Lucy had become ‘the talk of the town’ within the restaurant staff. 3 minutes later I saw Lucy with the RM50 in one hand and her mother go into the nearby 99 Speedmart. She came out happily enjoying her ice-cream.

I was so overjoyed. Money can’t buy the happy look on Lucy’s face or the honesty she showed.

I recall my own story of finding 2 RM10 banknotes when I was around 7 years old. From what I could recall I think I found the cash at home hidden in somewhere in chocolate paper container or I kept it in one.. I remember I bought some chocolate at the school canteen, not hot food, as chocolate or candy was a luxury. I remember being asked why am I paying with such a big banknote by a canteen women which I think got me scared. Those days one can buy a small gold ring with RM10.

I just called my Mum and ask if she remembered whether I had return some cash change to her when I was around 7. She said she definitely did not receive any cash from me. The only place she kept cash was in the store room. It was also a family practice for individual brothers to keep cash for ang-pows in chocolate tin boxes (Lai See in Hong Kong for red packet of Chinese New Year money).  Hmmm… I wonder what happened to the rest of the money. I know for sure I bought sweets or chocolate once or twice at the canteen. I wonder I gave it to my brothers. I shall find out soon…


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