Malaysia Airlines takeoff aborted to avoid Tigerair plane landing at Adelaide Airport

A Malaysia Airlines plane at Adelaide Airport. Picture Simon Cross

A Malaysia Airlines plane at Adelaide Airport. Picture Simon Cross Source: News Corp Australia

A PLANE was stopped in its tracks as it was about to take off at Adelaide Airport in the latest scare involving Malaysia Airlines.

The pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH136 from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur was ordered to abort takeoff to avoid an incoming Tigerair plane yesterday morning.

“MH136 was ready to depart Adelaide Airport and already on takeoff roll when it was instructed by Adelaide Air Traffic Control to discontinue its takeoff as the inbound aircraft discontinued its landing and was infringing the vicinity of the takeoff path,” the airline said in a statement provided to the New Straits Times.

“Upon receiving the instruction, MH136 stopped safely.”

The incoming Tigerair flight from Melbourne was approaching too high and fast, meaning it had to make a second attempt at landing, The Aviation Herald reported.

But Air Services Australia said reports of a “near-miss” were inaccurate.

It said the pilot of the incoming flight requested a routine “go-around” due to an unstable approach.

“A go-around is a safe and well-practised manoeuvre that sees an aircraft discontinue its approach to the runway when landing,” a statement from the authority said.

“Additionally, and to ensure the continued safe operations at the airport, air traffic controllers requested an international flight discontinue its takeoff.

“Safety is our priority and at no time was the safety of any passengers or aircraft compromised.”

It comes as Malaysia Airlines is struggling in the wake of two tragedies involving its aircraft.

Two weeks ago, MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people, and in March, MH370 disappeared during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.


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Incident: Malaysia A333 at Adelaide on Jul 29th 2014, rejected takeoff

By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014 19:26Z, last updated Tuesday, Jul 29th 2014 19:26Z

A Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration 9M-MTH performing flight MH-136 from Adelaide,SA (Australia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with 167 people on board, was accelerating for takeoff from Adelaide’s runway 05 when tower cancelled the takeoff clearance. The crew rejected takeoff at low speed and stopped the aircraft on the runway.

Tower apologized that a Tiger Airways Airbus A320 on approach had been too high and too fast on approach and went around, tower wanted to make sure the A330 didn’t climb underneath the go-around and explained that takeoff clearance occurred when the A320 was about 5nm out, sufficient space for the departure, but was still maintaining 200 knots.

According to radar data a Tiger Airways Airbus A320-200, registration VH-VNC performing flight TT-449 from Melbourne,VI to Adelaide,SA (Australia), was on a 6nm final to runway 05 descending through 2300 feet MSL at 170 knots over ground, the aircraft went around from below 1250 feet MSL. The aircraft landed safely on its second approach to runway 05 about 12 minutes later.

The crew of the A330 decided to return to the holding point of runway 05, departed about 25 minutes after rejecting takeoff and reached Kuala Lumpur with a delay of 10 minutes.



This article was previously published as High alert of MH136 rejecting takeoff and Adelaide Air Traffic control saved a possible air collision with Tigerair TT449