In third air disaster in a week, Air Algerie plane crashes with 116 people on board

Passenger list includes 50 French, 24 Burkinabe, eight Lebanese, four Algerians, two from Luxembourg and solo travellers from Belgium, Switzerland, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ukraine and Romania.
Angel Brenda Triple Disasters premonition: AH5017 is one of a series of Triple Disasters around the world.



2nd TransAsiaAirways GE222 crash on 23.07.2014

8 hours after I formalized working with a new consultant who is half Dutch, MH17 are shot down on 17.07.2014. 193 out of 298 were Dutch.

The crash of Flight GE222 was Taiwan’s first fatal air accident in 12 years. The crash on 23.07.2014 came hours after Typhoon Matmo passed over Taiwan. 48 dead, 10 survivors. The victims included 46 Taiwanese and 2 French medical students who were interns in Taiwan. The airline identified the French passengers as Jeromine Deramond and Penelope Luternauer. They were medical school interns at Taipei’s National Taiwan University, the university said.

Taiwan’s last major aviation disaster was also near Penghu. In 25.05.2002, a China Airlines Boeing 747 CI611 broke apart in midair and crashed into the Taiwan Strait, killing all 225 people aboard.

Air Algerie AH5017 crashed in sandstorm on 24.07.2014, lost contact at 1:55am. Passenger list includes 52 French (10 from the same French family), 28 Burkinabe, 6 Lebanese, 6 Algerians, 5 Canadians, 4 Germans, 2 from Luxembourg and solo travellers from Belgium, Switzerland, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ukraine and Romania.

My company’s 2 new French Interns told me that they have some connections with Algiers. Chamaa’s mother is Algerian French, and her father is Moroccan French. Sarah’s parents are Moroccan French and her grandmother was born in Algiers.

With these “nationality coincidences” I asked Brenda, my guardian angel if AH5017 was the 3rd premonition since AH5017 have number 17 in it and it’s the 3rd air crash in  a week.

Her answer: AH5017 was not the 3rd premonition disaster.
And there will be more afterlife angelic signs to come…

Brenda has been giving her messages and afterlife signs since she crossed over, so far not many have heed her afterlife signs.
But all this will change soon…