Chaen-Santy Media Group (USA) has established an Asian base for social media PR branding and product placements in their upcoming Reality TV shows.

The 5 big differences in social media PR branding and product placement in blockbuster movies and Reality TV (RTV) are:

  • RTV airtime (60 minutes x 13 episodes; 6 times longer).
    Vs. the film length (120+ minutes)


  • in RTV the brand can appear a few times in one episode or say a team discussion of a contest can be held in an retail outlet e.g. Berjaya Starbucks, or Club21’s Calvin Klein shop.
    Vs. in a movie the brand only appears once, and most audience may not even notice it among the very exciting action scenes.

    Transformers 4 uses Product Placements and Social Media Branding

    Transformers 4 uses Product Placements and Social Media Branding. But in the midst of all the action will you notice a Brand fleeting cameo appearance.


    Most of our surveys say the general audience do not notice product placement in movies vs. product placement in reality TV is much more obvious and much longer exposure and association of the brand with the Reality TV show e.g. Coca-Cola with American Idol.

  • In RTV a brand project contest maybe to do a creative ad campaign for say Habib Jewels which will bring the brand presence for the entire one hour episode, with acknowledgment of the brand sponsor and owner visible.
    Vs. no such option in a movie.

TP4- Apprentice

  • Variety of product slants in different RTV episodes. For Resorts World Genting, some episodes may feature the new Fox Theme Park, a contest surrounding a visiting K-Pop group that promotes the entertainment business, a project centered on Genting’s First World Hotel, an award-winning high end restaurant such as Olive, and a CSR charity event to show the CSR side of Resorts World Genting.
    Vs. only one 1-2 seconds product exposure which the audience might not notice.


  • Social Media PR Branding: An army of online Influencers-Bloggers will be writing about each episode of the RTV show and maybe even as small mention of a contest project involving a brand e.g. Victoria’s Secret.
    Vs. traditional media coverage.

TP5 - Subway

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