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The Blessing or Curse of Name Changes (e.g. Ralph Lauren’s surname “Lifshitz”)

Robert Chaen’s NUMBERS GUIDE to Character & Careers© – Part 2: NAME CHANGES & BRAND NAMES

How Ralph Lauren changed his destiny when he dropped his “Lifshitz” surname.

There are 3 major parts of a full ENGLISH Numerological reading:
1) Your birthdate:
– which reveals about the energies, strengths and weaknesses you are born with, the 4 phases of opportunities and threats in your life.

2) Your name at birth:
– which reveals your destiny, purpose in life, karmic life lessons, motivations and how other people perceive you.

3) Your current name or name changes:
– which the midde name is normally dropped in the West (e.g. Barack Hussein Obama II becomes Barack Obama), and in the East it’s very common to have a Romanized Chinese name or an English name (Chan Kong-sang becomes Jackie Chan) is adopted to fit into the modern global business world.

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The numerology system which I use is based on the ancient Greek Pythagoras System which in my 28 years of cross-cultural research is the most suitable Numerological system to analyze names in the English language.

Names in Chinese, Indian and Asian characters based on Chinese, Indian and Asian numerological systems have worked well for centuries. But I found that when the names in non-English languages are translated or romanized to the English spelling, the total meaning is lost is not compatible with English-based Numerological systems.

Many Chinese and Indian names are based on several thousand years old birthday and numerological systems which aim to balance the 5 elements, overcome the bad aspects of the astrological chart at birth, and to attenuate good factors in the written characters.

The Chinese/ Tamil/ Hindi/ Arabic/ Asian characters are professionally written to bring out the best elements and characteristics desired to be successful in later life.

Now we live a modern and business world which uses English, and the original Chinese and Indian characters are romanized into the 26 English alphabets. This is where 5 real problems arises.

Firstly, when Chinese and Indian names are Romanized, it totally changes the energies and significance of the name at birth.

Secondly, as Chinese, Indians, and other races grow up they change, shorten, drop their middle or father’s names, or add new Western names like John, Dyana, etc.

Thirdly, name changes in English is not for the novice to play with, because a change in letter can have a major impact on your life.

Fourthly, titles like “Sir, Lord, Doctor, Ir., Mrs, Tan Sri, Dato’, Datuk” definitely changes the perception and prestige of the name, but does also change the dynamics for the worse or better?

Do you include the following in your name analysis, or not:
[ ] Indian’s father’s name, and “son of”, “daughter of”

[ ] Malay’s father’s name (“bin” or “binti”)

[ ] Husband’s name or joint father’s and mother’s surname (e.g. Shirley Temple Black)

[ ] Junior, Senior, III

Fifthly, how does one analysis a BRAND name or business name, and is it compatible with one’s birth numbers and destiny numbers.

I’m the only Numerologist with vast corporate track record as Asia’s #1 change expert who can professionally analyze brand names and business names in total alignment with one’s birth numbers.


Name Case Study: Ralph Lauren
For example Ralph Lauren changed his name from Ralph Lifshitz.

Ralph Lauren born 14 October, 1939.
14+10+1+9+3+9=46 / 4+6=10/ 1+0=1
BD= 5 / BP = 1.
Ralph Lauren is a No. 1 Person
(see article on Number Guide to Characters & Careers:

Ralph Lifshitz

Vowels: a+i+i.
1+9+9=19 / 1+9=10 / 1+0=1
Consonants: R+l+p+h +L+f+s+h+t+z
9+3+7+8 +3+6+1+8+2+8=55 / 5+5=10/ 1+0=1

Birth Destiny number (adding all letters): 74 / 7+4=11
Karmic life lessons (missing numbers in the birth name):

Karmic lesson 4 = not be a rolling stone, challenged to build something solid

Karmic lesson 5 = challenged to break free, to communicate, to market

Ralph Lauren
Vowels: a + a+u+e
1+1+3+5=10/ 1+0=1
R+l+p+h +L+r+n
9+3+7+8 +3+9+5=44 / 4+4=8

Current Destiny Name: 10+44=54 / 5+4=9

Missing number overcame: 5
4 is still not encountered for.

Polo (his brand name)

7+6+3+6=22 (Master number) / 2+2=4
By luck, his brand name is a 4 which overcame some of the effect of his karmic life lesson of 4.

My assessment of Ralph Lauren:
• “Lifshitz” is a horrible name. Other kids would make fun of his name. But Ralph’s Birth Destiny number 11 is a master number – The Master Inspirer. So he is meant to be play a bigger game in life. He became a famous fashion designer icon.
•  “Polo” is his best decision as the total number is 22 a Master number. It overcomes his missing number of 4, which reverse his destiny to build an international brand and retail fashion empire.
•  ”Ralph Lauren” has both a great vowel number (1) and a great consonant number (44)
•  The Current Destiny number of 9 meant his brand will carry a generalist fashion approach with both men’s and women’s lines of clothing. It was great decision to move out of his specialist line of neckties supplying to Neiman Marcus department stores.

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Published: Saturday, 14 June 2014, 4:40pm