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❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾  Robert Chaen’s Numbers Guide to Characters & Careers© Part 1: Birthdays

Numbers Guide by Robert Chaen, “Coach & Numerologist to Celebrities & CEOs”

The numerology system which I use is based on the ancient Greek Pythagoras System which in my 28 years of cross-cultural research is the most suitable Numerological system to analyze names in the ENGLISH language.

To calculate your BirthPath No. (BP) (which indicates your OVERALL character and natural talents you are born with):
Add all numbers of your birthday (including the total year). Keep adding and reduce it to a single digit, except for Master Nos. i.e. 11, 22 – 99.

The BirthDay No. (BD) represents the IMMEDIATE character of a person. Read and compare both the BP & BD numbers to see what the combination may show. Some combinations have conflicting aspects that may show your “true colors”. There are no bad or unlucky numbers, however, each number has its positive & negative aspects.

E.g. 1: Mahatma Gandhi (2/10/1869)     2+10+1+8+6+9  = 36 (3+6)= 9      BD=2 / BP=9

E.g. 2: Michael Jackson (29/8/1958)      29+8+1+9+5+8  = 60 (6+0) = 6     BD= (2+9) =11 / BP=6

E.g. 3: Princess Diana (1/7/1961)  1+7+1+9+6+1    = 25 (2+5) = 7     BD=1 / BP=7

Princess Diana has both masculine (1) and feminine (7) numbers. Although her overall character is 7, a feminine number, her immediate character (1) is masculine. She is a strong individual with leadership qualities. Given her very feminine outer appearance, a lot of people were surprised how strongly she fought for her rights and beliefs when she showed her true colors.

It’s interesting to note that there were major conflicts with Queen Elizabeth II (BD=3, BP=7) another 7 person – a private, expressive, spiritual but ambitious person. Both can be aloof, fanatical , perfectionists, and belong to two different “schools of thinking” i.e. a old traditional thinking since King Henry VIII (1547) vs. a modern “People’s Princess”.

In Robert Chaen’s Compatibility Matrix, the compatibility between two No. 7 persons could be good or in conflict. Good is when they share the same school of thinking, bad is when they have conflicting beliefs and practices as in Princess Diana and Queen EII’s case.

Note: Robert Chaen’s Number Guide is just a “guide” to characters, strengths, weaknesses, industries, products and careers. For a more thorough analysis, your name at birth will give you the most vital indicators of your Destiny Number (i.e. your purpose in life) ; and what are your Karmic Numbers (i.e. your major life lessons) and whether your Karmic Numbers are an opportunity or a threat in the 4 Pinnacles/ 4 Challenges will show your major 4 life phases, opportunities/ lessons.

How to use Your Power Name and Numbers

How to use Your Power Name and Numbers

In Robert Chaen’s “Numbers & Names” workshop, he will cover all aspects of your name and your birthday to complete a full Numerological Reading. For more details and to enroll:


No.1 Person: The Pioneering Leader    
Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Stephen Chow, Tom Cruise, Charlie Chaplin, Tiger Woods, Florence Nightingale, Ralph Lauren, Arianna Huffington (37), Zhang Ziyi (37), George Lucas (37), Sammy Davis Jr (37), Billy  Joel (37), Billy Graham (37), Martin Luther King Jr (37), Robert Chaen (BP=37)

Strengths: the most masculine number, pioneer, big picture and ideas person, individualist, independent, determined, ambitious, born leader, decisive, dislike restraint, wants freedom, capable of great achievement, successful, responsible, learn by experience, example for others, courageous, idealistic, loyal

Weaknesses: Stubborn, egoistic, highly competitive, self-righteous, stuck to a position, belittling, bully, and egoistic.

Careers: CEO, No.1 people can do well in almost any profession – highly adaptable. They excel in leadership and managerial roles. They are pioneers, they see the “big picture”, are full of ideas, strong willed.entrepreneurial, male products, CEO, ideas and concept person, inventor, manager, scientist, planner, psychologist, pioneer and strategist.


No. 2 Person: The Sensitive Peacemaker   
Hans C. Andersen, Jules Verne (29) –  (see list No .11 person)

Strengths: the most feminine number, supportive, feminine, dual in nature, balanced, excellent arbitrator, peacemaker, diplomat, works better with a partner, tolerant, tactful, patient, gentle, romantic, cooperative, harmonizing, nurturing, follow, deeply intuitive, sensi­tive, caring, easy nature, detailed

Weaknesses: timid, hurt easily, lacking confidence, “door mat”, too detailed (fail to see big picture), possessive, despondent, over emotional, high strung, insecure, changeable, moody, emotional, lunatic, exaggerated

Careers: Industrial Relations/Union Head, Company Secretary, lawyer, arbitrator, customer service, health, market research, personnel, public relations, secretarial, female products, accountant, statistician, arbitrator, government servant, diplomat.


No. 3 Person: The Versatile Artist
Jackie Chan, Li Ka Shing, Anwar Ibrahim, Najib Razak, Karpal Singh, Rihanna, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Princess Kate, Pope Francis, Guru Nanak, Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Crosby, Alfred Hitchcock, Jon Stewart

Strengths: creative, expressive, artistic, ambitious, writing, acting, entertaining, original, imaginative, versatile, sociable, youthful, loves pleasure, lively, fresh, child-like innocence

Weaknesses: talkative, scattering overstretched talents, wasteful, extravagant, looking good, easily bored, eccentric, greedy, impatient, over-extended, over-imaginative, status-conscious, naive, show off

Careers: Creative Director, Ad Agency Head, arts, music, advertising, performance arts, publishing, theater, child products, actor, artist, author, journalist, lecturer, fashion designer, writer.


No. 4 Person: The Practical Builder
Lee Kuan Yew, Robert Kuok, Bill Gates, M. Thatcher, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, A. Krishnan, Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Jet Li, Brad Pitt,  Nicole Kidman, Yuna, A. Schwarzenegger, Joseph Smith Jr., Bahaullah

Strengths: life’s organizers, builders, bring system & order, able to formulate procedures & system planning of many complicated tasks, administration, practical, dependable, either conservative or nonconformist, down to earth, excellent disciplinarian, orderly, systematic, precise, industrious, civic, politics, belong before the public, trustworthy, reformist, rebel, unconventional, unusual ways of spending

Weaknesses: Boring, careless, suspicious, lonely, undemonstrative, slow-witted, unambitious, inflexible, failing to see the big picture, narrow-minded, hold on to security.

Careers: COO, project manager, construction, manufacturing, mechanical, military, office administration, production research; Chartered accountant, contractor, engineer, system analyst, stockist, tax consultant.


No. 5 Person: The Magical Communicator
Abdul Rahman, Mark Zuckerberg, Bruno Mars, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, JayC, Aishwarya Rai, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Phelps, Simon Cowell, Steven Spielberg, Marlon Brando, Lincoln, Mao Tse Tung, Malcolm X, Hitler, FDR, Issac Newton

Strengths:desire freedom above everything, loves enjoying with the 5 senses, craves excitement, fun, stimulation, travel, change, adventure, variety, always “promoting” something, sensual, sexual, restless, quick mercurial mind, resilient, expressive,  spontaneous, impulsive, resilient, never remain down for too long, curious, mentally highly strung, sales, marketing, big risk-taker, born gamblers, athletic, strong sex drive, friendly even with strangers, loves parties, exciting lifestyle, multiple-tasking

Weaknesses: restless, nervous, unpredictable, lustful, hedonistic, sarcastic, sharp witted, uses people, headstrong, thoughtless, indifferent, fault-finding, dislike routine, unpredictable, uncommitted, out of sight-out of mind, reckless.

Careers: CMO, Head of PR/Marketing Communications, Head of Training, actor, public speaker, trainer, marketing, sales, communications, commercial real estate, entertainment, food & beverage, insurance, leisure, marketing, media, retail, sales, sports, travel, consumer products, advertising/ sales executive, athlete, chef lawyer, magician, promoter, reporter, speech therapist, stock-broker, and trader.


No. 6 Person: The Loving Server
Lee Chong Wei, Corazon Aquino, Einstein, Michael Jackson, Rain, Justine Timberlake, Eric Schmidt, Vladimir Lenin, Charles Shultz (“Peanuts”)

Strengths: crave love, family, friends, companionship, service-orientated, responsible, romantic, have strong family values, community-minded, kind, tolerant, treasure their homes, feminine, beautiful objects, derive pleasure from art, music, poetry, good sense of humor, loves gatherings, artistic, popular, healing

Weaknesses: fussy, gossipy, complacent, discontent, jealous, smothering, lavish, can’t handle discomfort, approval seeker, over-committed.

Careers: Head of HR, Art & culture, civil service, customer service, hotel, hospitality, human resources, residential properties, training, welfare work; baby/ household/ family/ luxurious/ toy products; Beautician, counsellor, consultant, doctor, healer, social worker, and therapist.


No.7 Person: The Knowledgeable Teacher 
Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Choo, Shah Rukh Khan, Mahathir Mohammed, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Cheung Hok-Yau, Karen Mok, Vladimir Putin, King Bhumibol, Churchill, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, John F Kennedy,  Mel Gibson, Sai Baba

Strengths: intellectual, spiritually inclined, deeply interested in mysticism, the occult sciences, clairvoyant, thinker, teacher, poet, philosopher, scholar, perfectionist, love the sea and water, mysterious

Weaknesses: dreamy, moody, lazy, critical, self-absorbed, aloft, erratic, unrealistic, fanatical, bigot, perfectionists

Careers:  Head of Training, specialists, excel in research & education, marketing research, navy, shipping; Educational/ precision tools/ sea-related products, analyst, healer, professor, psychiatrist, religious teacher, specialist, spiritualist, trainer


No. 8 Person: The Powerful Integrator
Muhammad Ali, Usian Bolt, Neil Armstrong, Alexander G. Bell, Nostradamus, Michelangelo, Chris Patten, Picasso

Strengths: deep intensive natures, either great success or failures, most misunderstood sign, gains through personal sacrifices or losses, executive quality, run big projects/people, capable of handling pressure and unpopularity, excel in decision-making, problem solving, trouble-­shooting, good judge/critic, integrate what they know, and like status & power.

Weaknesses: bossy, judgmental, fatalistic, many enemies, envious, deceitful, ruthless, power, discriminating, prejudiced, most misunderstood sign.

Careers: CFO, finance, good executives & managers, banking, large scale projects/systems, military, money & stock market, quality control; Power tools/ financial products, company director, judge, lawyer, tester


No. 9 Person: The Visionary Generalist 
Tony Fernandez, Jack Ma, Wang Leehom, Jay Chou, Lin Dan, Manny Pacquiao, Charice, Amber Chia, 
Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Suharto, Justin Bieber, Megan Fox, Jamie Oliver, Tyra Banks, Elvis Presley, Shirley Maclaine, Nelson Rockfeller, Lady Camilla

Strengths: big brother/sister, generalists and humanitarian in nature, selfless, courageous, idealistic, universal, broad outlook, experience disappointments if they have not learnt to love without attachment, fighters, determined, generalist, Jack-of-all-trades

Weaknesses: careless, see too many sides, indecisive, quarrelsome, forgets to build foundation, dreamer, possessive.

Careers: CHRO, CSR, agriculture, community service, drama, health, literary, fund-raising & non-profit groups, personnel; Environment-friendly products; Architect, environmentalist, philanthropist


Master Numbers
– see also the reduced numbers e.g. 11=2.
The good news is people with Master Numbers are meant to play a bigger game in life.
The bad news is they can also become master criminals if they choose the path of evil, or they can’t handle the extra power and temptation (Master numbers multiply the power).

Just because they may have a Master Number it doesn’t mean that they are operating in the higher number frequency.
Robert Chaen will show you many ways to enhance your Master Number as a Life Coach which other Numerologists do not know how to do it.


Master No. 11 [2] Person: The Master Inspirer  
Barrack Obama (29), 
Lee Hisen Loong, Prince William, Siti Nurhaliza, Pelé, Diego Maradona, David Beckham (29), Prince Charles,  Adam Levine, Edmund Hillary, Bob Hope, Henry Kissenger, Diana Ross, Vicky Zhao Wei, Robert Downey Jr (29), Brenda José (BP=29)

Strengths: inspirational to others, uplifts mankind, idealistic, loves the limelight, must learn to be practical, visionary, universalist, excels in co-partnerships, much is expected from them, born to help others, prophetic, intuitive, strong public stands

Weaknesses: hides feelings, hurts deeply, perverted, malevolent, scheming, impractical, cult leader, tend to over-exaggerate, drama-queen/king.

Careers: CPRO, President, theater, evangelist, personal growth facilitator, TV host


Master No. 22 [4] Person: The Master Diplomat

Strengths: highly diplomatic, supportive, able to gain cooperation and team spirit for large projects.

Weaknesses: scheming, workaholic.

Careers: COO, Ambassador, Foreign Minister, construction, infrastructure projects, mass transportation, public utilities, ambassador, international property developer, manufacturer


Master No. 33 [6] Person: The Master Artist 
Michelle Yeoh, Hyuna, John Lennon, Jeff Bezos, Thomas Edison, Quincy Jones, Sly Stallone, Bjorn Borg 

Strengths: socialite, family-orientated, conditional love, companionship, spiritual, artistic, expansion-minded, healing, qualities, compassionate.

Weaknesses: smothering, lavish, fussy.

Careers: Executive Producer, boutique & fashion designer, creative director, fund raiser, healer, film producer, spiritual leader


Master No. 44 [8] Person: The Master Reformist  
Mandela, Deng Xiao Ping, Edgar Cayce, Barbara Streisand

Strengths: reformist, non-conformist, dissident-type, good business sense

Weaknesses: can be very controversial, power hungry.

Careers: CFO, judge, general, revolutionist, reformist politician, trouble-shooter, unionist


Master No. 55 [1] Person: The Master Communicator
Lady Gaga, Nicol David, Messi, Theresa Tang, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Chaen (destiny no. & name)

Strengths: leader in communications, sales, negotiation, can be a wheeler dealer, globe-trotter, highly competitive

Weaknesses: condescending, lustful, insidious.

Careers: CEO, CMO, Lead Actor, keynote speaker, communications expert, connoisseur, entertainer, explorer, entrepreneur, investment banker, liberal politician, magician, management consultant, hotelier, sports commentator, super salesperson, strategist


Master No. 66 [3] Person: The Master Helper

Strengths: highly creative in expression, committed, strong family and child values, co-creative attitude.

Weaknesses: eccentric, vain.

Careers: high end and luxurious goods, jewelry designer, haute couture designer, family & child psychologist/counselor, film director,fine dinning


Master No. 77 [5] Person: The Master Specialist

Strengths: specialist, research-minded, educator, spiritual and magical, good teaching/ communication skills.

Weaknesses: unrealistic, tend to broadcast their beliefs, fanatical.

Careers: Dean of University, telecommunications, athlete, animal trainer, educationalist, religious head, evangelist, PR expert, spiritualist, sales/communications specialist


Master No. 88 [7] Person: The Master Executive

Strengths: top executive quality, good trouble-shooter, excellent in turnaround situations, a teacher.

Weaknesses: deceitful, lazy, doomsday preacher.

Careers: CEO, CFO, COO, high-tech industries, actuary, banking lecturer, business columnist, economist, judge, efficiency expert, company director, international financier, venture capitalist


Master No. 99 [9] Person: The Master Generalist

Strengths: philanthropist, charitable, generalist.

Weaknesses: impractical, overly concerned, over-worry.

Careers:  CHRO, community service; animal/human rights activist, global environmentalist, humanitarian, missionary


In the “Numbers & Names” PowerWorkshop you’ll discover the many secrets of the multiple facets of Numerology in your birthday and name.

There are 3 major parts of a full English Numerological reading:

1) Your birthdate: which reveals about the energies, strengths and weaknesses you are born with, the 4 phases of opportunities and threats in your life.

2) Your name at birth: which reveals your destiny, purpose in life, karmic life lessons, motivations and how other people perceive you.

3) Your current name or name changes: which the midde name is normally dropped in the West (e.g. Barack Hussein Obama II becomes Barack Obama), and in the East it’s very common to have a Romanized Chinese name or an English name (Chan Kong-sang becomes Jackie Chan) is adopted to fit into the modern global business world.


[ ] Robert Chaen’s Compatibility Matrix: Which are compatible numbers, which are number with conflict energies. How to apply in business and partner compatibility?

[ ] Birthday number [BD] = immediate character, positive & negative aspects

[ ] BirthPath number [BP] = natural talents that you are born with, personality traits, gifts, skills

[ ]  BirthYear [BY] = coming of age

[ ]  Which numbers are a) scientific  b) business  c) artistic?

[ ] How are odd numbers different even numbers?

What is the true meaning if you have a Prime number [PR] in your chart?

[ ]  Challenge numbers [CH] in the 4 phases in your life = threats and obstacles to overcome

[ ]  Pinnacle number [PI] in the 4 phases in your life = opportunities to seize.

[ ]  Personal Day/ Month/ Year = what is this day/ month/ year in store for you.

[ ]  Master number [MA] = chance to play a bigger game in life but the bad news is your evil side is also accelerated if you choose to do evil vs. good.

Facets of Numerology in your BIRTHNAME:

[ ]  Destiny number [DE] = your soul’s purpose and mission in life. What you need to fulfill in your life.

[ ]  Vowels [VO] in your name = your inner self, secret ambitions, desires, what motivates you

[ ]  Consonants [CO] in your name = your outer self, how other perceive you.

[ ]  Karmic number [KA] = major life lessons and liabilities to master

[ ]  Talent numbers [TA] = specialties, assets

Facets of Numerology in your CURRENT NAME/ NICKNAME:

[ ]  Power number [PO] = self-actualization number, area you choose to realize your purpose

[ ] What are perceived loser or weak names? What are perceived strong names?

Analysis of your official Signature [SI]

[ ]  Signature = reveals your personal statement, emphasis, tendencies, whether you are family-orientated or self-orientated.


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Coming next… Robert Chaen’s Numbers Guide to Characters and Careers© Part 2:  The Power, Blessings or Curse of Name Changes