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The differences between HK, Mainland, American-Born, and Malaysian Chinese women on various dating scenes and YouTube video

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Click to watch first:

The differences between HK (Hong Kong), mainland Chinese and ABC (American-born Chinese) women funny video on various dating scenes

(Yes, it’s stereotyping, ladies. Chill, just for laughs)

My survey on Chinese Malaysian women:

On food:
“Let’s go for ‘Tim Pan’ Chinese desserts, high-end ice-cream like Haagen Dazs, Snowflake, Sushi Zanmai…
Guys normally offers to pay for meal date but the girl may request AA (go dutch, each pay for oneself) to show they want be respected. Chinese Malaysian girls are generally quite fair in dating finance. Of course, there are always some gold diggers in all Chinese around the world.

On guy bumping into an old friend:
They just stand there, smile, wait, and play with smartphone immediately.

On being asked to go back to guy’s home for “coffee”:
“Both Guy or Girl: I’m staying with my parents, can we kiss in the car?”
“No la, let’s go to Mamak store for teh tarik!”

True or not…

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  1. Go Dutch,, each pay for oneself well that’s not quit right I should know I am one and I find it very offensive hahaha just kidding but I am Dutch tho
    I for example have never let a girl pick-up the bill and let her pay for me
    I’m not saying it isn’t happening but most off the time the is a reason for it such as well some Dutch woman will get mad/angry if you won’t then chip in now and then
    r some get frustrated and say you’re not my caretaker
    and off course some off them just want to be treated equally


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