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Dyana’s mom no longer believes in Perkasa – Robert Chaen

May 26, 2014

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Why are people making such a big deal about something irrelevant in the past?

“Yammy was involved but for few months; after that she left because she no longer believed in Perkasa,” Dyana Sofya said, about the involvement of her mother Yammy Samat, in Perkasa.

If you connect the dots properly, it shows clearly that Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is the sneakiest person. His ultra-racist agenda was not revealed in the early months of the formation of Perkasa. Probably he conned many early members that they are fighting for Muslim Malay rights, when in fact, we all know that Ibrahim is the most negative Muslim.

Can anyone truly say that he is a true Muslim when he is spewing hatred, and calling non-Malays every evil word he can think of.

And now, Ibrahim has an even bigger competitor for the title of “The #1 most extreme negative Muslim in Malaysia”, Abdullah Zaik of Isma.

If true Muslims do not chastise Ibrahim and Abdullah for not respecting non-Muslims, how can you expect non-Muslims to respect Islam?

Ibrahim and Abdullah are two very bad apples that have spoilt the whole bunch of good Muslims in Malaysia.

Back to Yammy. She became innocently involved in the early few months. When she found out how extremist and un-Islamic Ibrahim was, she left Perkasa for good and never looked back to a time when she was nearly deceived by an evil man.

This is not a mistake on her part, when she did not know about Ibrahim and Perkasa’s hidden agenda and covert philosophy. And a young Dyana like a good daughter was only helping her mother to do some volunteer work. What’s wrong with that?

I salute Yammy for rejecting Perkasa that advocates hate. How many Muslims have the courage to do the right thing to reject Perkasa?

I salute Dyana for having the courage to question “When did joining UiTM makes us Umno members?”

And her observation that “While a student in UiTM, I noticed the discrepancy where rich children of Umno leaders were admitted into UiTM while poorer but more qualified non-Umno linked families were shut out”.

The other weird point is they are finally admitting that Ibrahim and Perkasa are very bad people and so being involved in the past with them makes Yammy very bad too.

But, Umno, Najib and Dr Mahathir have endorsed Perkasa for years. Umno even funded and field some Perkasa candidates for GE13. Why don’t Muslims go after them?

So are you are saying it’s ok for Najib to endorse Perkasa but not ok for Yammy to be tricked into helping in the early set-up of Perkasa? What kind of twisted logic is that argument?

I’m at loss in trying to explain to my foreign journalists who are asking me about my assessment of the irony of Malaysian politics. It simply does not make any sense.

Politicians attack the other with no substance. Home Minister Zahid makes really stupid, sexist remarks about who is prettier than Dyana. How is that relevant to the upcoming Teluk Intan election?

I’m very offended and many women are very offended too. In developed nations, such sexist politicians like Zahid will be pressured to resign by the media and the public.

In Umno ceramahs, they showed a video of a man, their rival, allegedly having sex. They were seen laughing and enjoying a sex show. Photos of a bikini clad Filipino actress was found circulated in a mosque.

Seriously, are they real Muslims? I know of many Muslims who wear bikini here and around the world. It’s a free choice. If you want to judge, make sure you are perfect first.

My colleagues asked me how is it possible that Anwar Ibrahim is the only politician probably in the world to be charged with sodomy, twice.

They don’t understand how a driver and a personal assistant would not object to their boss sodomising them. They said if their male boss were to force them in a sodomy act, they would immediately hit their boss and resign on the spot.

Then they asked about Awang Selamat, the editors of Utusan Malaysia who used Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa’s entry ban to Indonesia to justify the refusal of Japanese visa to Anwar.

It clearly implies that those holier-than-thou hypocrites have been watching porn to know that Ozawa is a top 10 porn star.

How much more can Malaysians tolerate such stupidity, sexism, gutter politics, and outright racism?

Yammy and Dyana are the new generation of empowered women. We encourage more women to stand up for your rights and make your own decisions.

Don’t let people like Dr Mahathir, Zahid, and UiTM bully you to do what they want you to do.  Real power lies in you. Go and fulfill your dreams. – May 26, 2014.

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