Will the Sultan of Brunei Stone his Gay Son to Death?

May 6, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

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UPDATE (7th April 2019): World-wide boycott and outcry to oppose Sultan of Brunei’s barbaric Sharia Law to stone gays to death.


Hollywood celebrities are protesting Brunei’s adoption of Sharia Islamic law because it could mean gay men being stoned to death. Not to mention women. Also everyone from Christians to anyone who drinks a glass of beer could face cruel medieval punishments.

Brunei’s ruling family, like those of most oil-rich nations, has been notorious for its party lifestyle. A member of the Sultan’s harem has described violating his Sharia law together with the Sultan.

And yet it is the privilege of the prince and the sultan to misbehave. The picaresque escapades and legendary extravagances of the brothers are indulged with a collective wink. For everyone else residing within Brunei’s borders, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, freedoms are curtailed, and those limitations now are potentially enforced by brutal violence.

The Sultan’s sons have their own party circuit and the princes have squandered enormous amounts of money... often violating Islamic law.

The sultan’s biggest extravagance turned out to be his love for his youngest brother, Jefri, his constant companion in hedonism. They raced their Ferraris through the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital, at midnight, sailed the oceans on their fleet of yachts (Jefri named one of his Tits, its tenders Nipple 1 and Nipple 2)

When they partied, they indulged in just about everything forbidden in a Muslim country. Afforded four wives by Islamic law, they left their multiple spouses and scores of children in their palaces while they allegedly sent emissaries to comb the globe for the sexiest women they could find in order to create a harem the likes of which the world had never known.

In court, the Manoukians described Jefri’s “sex parties” at home and abroad. (The manifest on his 747 usually comprised mostly young women.) Their attorney called him a man of “unlimited tastes,” a “one-man walking market,” who bought practically everything he saw, including a rug woven with jewels in threads of solid gold ($7 million), 10 jewel-encrusted wristwatches that depicted on the hour a couple copulating ($8 million), and similarly erotic fountain pens ($1.3 million). In London alone, the Manoukians charged, he kept 40 prostitutes at the Dorchester hotel

And then there are the statues.

The brother of the Sultan of Brunei is attempting to stop photographs of life-size “erotic statues”, which depict him making love, from being disclosed in a court case in New York.

Even by the generous leeway afforded to Muslim men by Islamic law… this is a bit much.


Prince Azim, a favorite of the Sultan, has also spent gobs of money to invite pop stars to his birthday party, and he has spent plenty of time partying in the West.

The parties have been accompanied by persistent rumors that he is gay.

A source said, “Prince Azim wants his bash to be more glamorous than the Oscars. He’s adamant it should be talked about for years to come.”

Rubbing shoulders were Hollywood actresses such as Sophia Loren, Faye Dunaway, Ursula Andress and Joan Collins. Other guests included Jerry Hall, the model, and singers Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.

There’s no way to know what Azim’s preferences are, but there are a lot fewer brothel rumors about him and a lot more other rumors.

Aaron Paul Sturtevant may have revealed the “long weekend” he says he spent “getting drunk” with Michael Jackson and Prince Azim Of Brunei, “before he was famous” — but the actor admits there’s a lot more to the story than he’s telling.

“I was going into the hotel room and one of the Prince’s friends says.. ‘Hey, the Prince wants to talk to you.’ I go, ‘Okay.’ So I go down to this giant library and the Prince is inside the library with Michael Jackson. It was just Michael, the Prince and I talking for about an hour.”

“He said, ‘Oh my God. You played Floyd in Whatever It Takes,” Aaron relayed, referring to one of his first movies. “He [Prince Azim] too a liking to me.”

“He [Prince Azim Of Brunei] invited me out to his younger brother’s Sweet 16 birthday in Brunei. I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll go. Can I bring a couple of friends?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, bring whoever you want.’ So I brought a couple of buddies and we were hanging out in Brunei for about a month. And then he said, ‘You gotta stay at the Palace’… his Palace. He has his own zoo. The one night that I stayed there he insisted that I sleep in his bed… not with him… I didn’t sleep in the bed with him. But it is a giant thrown.. and so I slept on it… and all of his friends slept on little pads all around around the bed. And he insisted on watching, ‘What Ever It Takes’ — this movie that I did that he loved me in. I love him to death.”

And the Prince is still single.

It was at Prince Azim of Brunei’s birthday party in the middle of the English countryside. He’s a fan of Glee.

Though he does like the “finer” things in life.

Prince Azim of Brunei, 25, fiddles with an enormous turqoise cocktail ring (real, but he’s not sure exactly what stone it is).

“Mahiki!” he squeals in his high-pitched, MTV voice. “I think I’m addicted. It’s all the cheesy music they play.”

Fashion is another passion for the prince. In Versace jeans, a yellow T-shirt and a black waistcoat he designed himself – “only for myself, not a range” – his own taste is distinctive. “I like designers who are different: Galliano, Versace,” he says. “I don’t like following the trend. I do go shopping, but not all the time.”

As for his own romantic life, “I’m one of those unlucky-in-love people,” says Azim, who lays claim to two past girlfriends.

For all his cartoonish behaviour, he is a rather lovable character, a sensitive soul who cries at films such as In Her Shoes.

In fact, the reason for our extraordinary invitation to Azim’s mansion is none other than a weekend bag he has designed for charity for the luggage giant MCM, which is relaunching in the UK next month. “It’s called the Prince Collection,” he coos.

Azim fills his time with charity work, such as Fashion for Relief, organised by Naomi Campbell, which raised money for the Rotary Flood Disaster Appeal and which he supported by – what else? – appearing in a catwalk show. “[My first thought was] I’m too short,” he squeals. “Need I wear heels?”

I could go on, but what would be the point. Whatever Azim’s sexual preference is, does anyone believe that Islamic law would apply to him any more than it did to his uncle?

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It’s not just that Islamic Sharia law and other religious laws were originally man-made, barbaric, policing and life-controlling, but that it does not apply to the hypocritical sultans, kings, elites, rapists, pedophiles, tyrannical rulers, corrupted politicians, preachers, and religion-supremacy males who ruthlessly torture, stone, beat or punish their followers, women, and non-believers, but spend their private time partying, in abuse, sex, violence, corruption, decadence and sin.”



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Published: 6th May 2014
Updated: 7th April 2019.


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