Guess what I found while clearing out my photo albums. Photos of Jackie Chan, the late legendary Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, Maria Cordero (Fei Ma). Maggie Cheung was not in the pics – she looks better in real life than in the movies.

Willie Chan, the manager of Jackie Chan brought two tables of top Hong Kong celebrities that night.

I was the MC for the annual ball of the Malaysian Association of Hong Kong, together with my Co-MC former CNN’s Talk Asia Host Lorraine Hahn. She was so nervous before the event as she had never been an MC before this. I privately coached her at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. I did a pre-recorded intro pretending she just arrived by helicopter at the Island Shangri-La Hotel where the event was held.

Lorraine made a grand entrance with my choice of upbeat music from Beverly Hills Cop theme song “Axel F”. Lorriane looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous evening gown with a great tan and stood out among the Hong Kong celebrities and superstar icons like a goddess.

Maria Cordero was the guest artiste. The then Malaysian Ambassador for Hong Kong (a royalty) was not happy with the committee’s choice of Maria and refused to give the welcome speech. I had to pacify him and he eventually sang a very passionate duet with Maria but only Lorraine and I knew how upset and emo he was 2 hours before that.

The night was a great success. (man…I looked like I was 21 lol).

Side note:

Maria Cordero married my late wife Brenda’s cousin, Rick. Brenda’s eldest brother, Gerry José was a famous Radio DJ for RTHK (Radio TV Hong Kong). Brenda used to hang out with Teresa Carpio, a Hong Kong English pop and Cantopop singer, actress, and singing teacher. They are all Portuguese, except for Carpio who is half Filipino and Chinese. (Carpio’s pics below)


Jackie_chan, Anita Mui

Michelle Yeoh, Maria Cordero, Jackie Chan, Robert Chaen, Anita Mui – from left

jackie chan

CNN’s Lorraine Hahn and I were MCs

jackie chan 3

Willie Chan, manager of Jackie Chan