Reality TV Intern & Freelance Crew WANTED by Chaen-Santy Media Productions (USA)

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NOTE: If you are a TOP 100 brand and want to be featured in the most exciting social media PR Reality TV series, drop us a line.

Chane-Santy Media (USA) / Change University (Hong Kong) / ChangeU Group

Unique opportunity for outgoing and motivated full time interns to be a part of a very exciting new media project. Top flexi-time FREELANCERS are welcome.

ChangeU Group is proud to announce its founder, Mr. Robert Chaen has teamed up with the American TV producer Craig Santy to host a series of upcoming REALITY TV programs.

The programs will feature top global executives and celebrities exploring ground-breaking techniques for success in the areas of personal, business and spiritual growth.

Note: you must be passionate about TV productions and be open to new ideas, experiences.

Our Interns are like United Nations. We accept Americans, EU, FR, UK, RU, JP, KR, Hong Kongers, Singaporeans, Filipinos, Malaysians – women are highly respected, empowered and encouraged to apply.

Most internships in Malaysia are primarily boring admin-work. Not only will you not learn anything, you’ll be worked to death for peanuts.

Internship for Media/Art Students

MYR 700 – 1000 +plus KPI bonuses
Petaling Jaya (Selangor) – Petaling Jaya

During the internship period, you will be exposed to these areas:


  • All interns will be a part of our American-Asian REALITY TV Intern & Freelance production team. This is an amazing opportunity for high calilber talents who are seeking a challenging internship with the potential to learn a lot and make impressive real-world connections – with job offers and future freelance work with Robert-Craig Productions.
  • You will be assisting the CEO and the TV producer in the creative process, marketing, endorsements and the sourcing and researching for materials.
  • We transform Fortune 500 co’s (Coca-Cola, HSBC, TVB, Petronas, Nestle, TM) in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippines, M’sia.Coached by the Internship Mentor & CEO: Robert Chaen.
  • About Robert Chaen, CEO
  • Robert is “Coach to Celebrities & CEOs”. He is an international change expert whose clients are Fortune 500 corporations and top brands such as Coca-Cola, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Public Bank, Genting, Naza, etc.


  • Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Mass Communications, Advertising/Media, Music/Performing Arts Studies, Humanities/Liberal Arts or equivalent.
  • Required language(s): English.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Petaling Jaya.
  • 2 Internship position(s) for duration of 3 month(s).

Job Scope:
PR: arrange publicity, interviews and photo shoots with various regional media, create press releases, organize press and media events, invite A-LIST VIP Celebrities to Hong Kong-Singapore-China-Philippine-Malaysia Tatler events.

Media: advertising, brand product placement, broadcasting

Online: online video productions, online membership, social media, online analytics, video downloads, mobile apps, e-books, podcasts, websites

Productions: documentary production, studio production, DVD production, web cast production, TV commercials, interviews, press events, live event production, post production editing. Part time & Freelancers are welcome.

Training: Prezi presentations, training events, instructional seminars, conventions, endorsements, sponsorships

Events: advertising, ticket sales, guest speakers, organization

Skills: multimedia design, desktop publishing, web design, photography, videography, PR, marketing-communications, broadcasting


Watch intern with Wang Leehom and ‘How ChangeU Transformed these Top Interns’:

ChangeU is hiring a Company of GIANTS. If you are talented, extroverted, bold, self-motivated, creative, competitive, curious, passionate, and with a great attitude and mindset – apply NOW.

Super Benefits for joining Change University:

1. and

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2. Learn LIFE Skills and proven Tools of Fortune 500 Leaders. Attend The Top 9 Transformational workshops for FREE as staff (worth over RM10,000+), and interact with top managers and Heads of HR from across-all-industries.

3. ChangeU offers “FREE FOOD” i.e. emotional, mental, leadership, life skills, and inspirational food. We coach you HOW TO FISH, rather than give you a fish to eat, and you are hungry again.

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5. DEADLINE for application:

6. NOTE: Please state specifically your Internship Period
– as we hire Interns now and THROUGHOUT the year. Apply preferably 3-5 MONTHS AHEAD.
Internship Duration: 2 (minimum) to 6 months.

7. Please list your competent skills, talents or interest as mentioned in the Job Scope (i.e. PR, desktop publishing, photography, design, videography, acting, presenting, writing, languages, etc.)


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