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Living with Marilyn Monroe’s Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Can't handle me at my worst (2)

Marilyn had both bipolar disorder (manic depressive) and borderline personality disorder. It’s very hard to live one with one let alone with the 2 disorders.

You feel you are walking on egg shells. Anything may make her insecure, and set her on a rageful mood swing. She was very emotional high maintenance.

She was searching for ‘Mr. Perfect’ and ‘Mr. Right’which there are none on Earth. Her self esteem was based on her ultra sex appeal, looks and body. She had major identity issues. So when she lost a bit of the glamour and she got older and less beautiful she got depressed.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) was know to affect Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox (Transformers), Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears… There are more women with BPD than man (some surveys report about a 5:1 ratio with more women than men). My take is society in both in the West and East still treats women with unrealistic expectations and see women as sex objects. Therefore, women and some gay men grow up with such insecurities, identity and sexual preference issues. Read more:

When the mentor who she relied heavily on was too busy to give her the time and day, she felt abandoned and committed suicide.

The main point about the quote here is not about her disorders or men desiring her.

But one need to be able to handle or live with a partner at her very worst. Loving a partner when she is in her best mood is naturally easy. But can you love her at her extreme worst behavior – that’s the ultimate test of a partner relationship. 

May be Monroe would be an extreme example of accepting a woman at her worst. You don’t deserve her extreme moods. You deserve better. Unless you are willing to live through the ‘hell’ of constant emotional roller coaster, I recommend you leave a Marilyn Monroe Borderline PD type.

Or, if you are willing to put up with it then both of you need professional psycho-therapy – but not to rely solely on drugs. Triggers will easily override any drug . The brain and mental defense is much more powerful than drugs. ‘Triggers‘ can be stressful events, no money, loss of job, and usually a big fight with a partner or  a close family member.

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  1. This explains why men have been known to say “crazy women are excellent lovers” because of the manic high & increased energy but the relationships never last. I would avoid snyone with major self-esteem & dependency issues. As you say, those people need severe help & nobody deserves to live with that hell.


    • Good for you, Joe D. Luckily for you you’ll never be a woman and therefore never have to deal with sexist, stereotypical aphorisms like that being thrown at you all the time, and given you are so critical of people with self-esteem and dependency issues it sounds like you have very limited empathy and lack the strength to be around people who are suffering more than you are. Truly admirable.

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