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“They can’t jail us ALL. We’re the hundredth Karpal Singh” social media cause

This article was published in The Malaysian Insider on Tuesday, 22 April, 2014.

“They can’t jail us ALL. We’re the hundredth Karpal Singh” social media cause

Karpal Singh was Malaysia’s Gandhi. He was killed in a car accident on 17 April, 2014 at 1:10am. Karpal Singh recently said that even if he is gone there will be 100 Karpals to take his place.

As a tribute to the legacy of the Malaysian icon Karpal Singh and the principles he stood for, we request netizens to change your Facebook and other profile pictures to a Karpal Singh picture, and to share this post on their FB timeline.

We want to inspire netizens to have the courage to stand up for your human rights and principles. We want to send a powerful message to the relevant authorities in Malaysia and any nation in the world to uphold the rule of law, that they can’t silence us through tyranny, and they can’t jail us all.

Take a stand for the rule of law today. Sitting on the fence, constantly complaining about what’s wrong with Malaysia, and doing nothing will not change Malaysia. Gandhi said “Let ME be the change I want to see in the world”.

If you love Malaysia, then do something, express your dreams about a better Malaysia, share your values, let your neighbours and the world know the truth of what’s really happening in Malaysia, unite as true Malaysians – without borders of race and religion.

If you like many people in our international online polls think that Malaysia have gone much worse in terms of racial and religious harmony, crime, corruption, incompetence, integrity, judiciary independence, press freedom, weak leadership, and gross waste of taxpayers’ money since the ‘golden years’ of Tunku Abdul Rahman, decide to be the new ‘change leader‘ today. Start with baby steps and create little pockets of change with your relatives, friends, and colleagues. And soon it will be a positive social change tsunami…

My two favourite Victor Hugo quotes: “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come”.
“You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea”.

You have enemies

There will be people who will hate you for your stand. Have the conviction of the heart, and the courage of the spirit of The Tiger of Jelutong, and know that you are not alone… There are hundreds of thousands of true Malaysians here and in every country on Earth … this is way bigger than Karpal Singh, me, and us…

The only thing I request of you is to stay positive, truthful, loving, giving, empowering, caring, and respecting. But not to stoop so low, so negative and petty as to insult and curse others, to control and bully the defenseless through tyranny and religious punishment. These people are ‘toxic, ugly, and false‘ Malaysians – they are so UNLIKE Muhammad, Christ, Buddha, Shiva, Guru Nanak… that they hypocritically profess to follow.

Netizens can keep Karpal Singh icon as your profile picture for as long as you like say for 7-21 days to have greater impact. Or you can re-post this whenever an occasion for reinforced awareness arises.

You can choose to respect Karpal Singh as a person with your favourite icon picture. Or to respect Karpal Singh as a person with his passionate connection with DAP and its platform. Like and share this post and Karpal Singh icon with as many netizens here and around the world.


There are two choices of Karpal Singh icon profile pictures.
One is a silhouette of Karpal Singh and a power slogan.
Karpal Icon


The second one is a silhouette of Karpal Singh, a power slogan, and the DAP logo superimposed as he had a passionate connection with DAP in his illustrious career.
Karpal DAP icon


The cause slogan reads: We Uphold the Rule of Law. They can’t jail us ALL.

The second line of the slogan is an adaptation of a Hong Kong public rally on 2 March, 2014 to protest the brutal chopping attack on former Ming Pao chief editor Kevin Lau Chun-to, and to rally support for press freedom.  The slogan by the organizer Press Coalition against Violence was “They can’t kill us all”. We connected to thousands of Hong Kongers who stand for press freedom.

'They can't kill us all': Thousands protest chopper attack on Ming Pao editor Kevin Lau

‘They can’t kill us all’: Thousands protest chopper attack on Ming Pao editor Kevin Lau

How to change your Facebook profile picture: copy and save your preferred Karpal icon, update your FB profile picture. It’s that simple.

Take a stand for the rule of law today.

Published: Sunday, 20 April, 2014. 5:23pm. On the day of the Penang state funeral of Karpal Singh.



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  1. You can choose to respect Karpal Singh as a person, or to respect Karpal Singh as a person with his passionate connection with DAP and its platform.

    For example as a tribute to Steve Jobs, Jonathan Mak of Hong Kong designed a stunning logo with Steve Jobs face within the Apple logo as Steve was the original creative force for Apple (see below). Many people still post popular Steve Jobs’ quotes and some with Apple logo. It’s your free choice.

    This time I chose to respect Karpal as a person and his principles he stood for. Another time I may chose Karpal with DAP icon if I felt DAP has a valid stand to make. However, I’m non-religious (spiritual yes), and non-political party affiliated. I strongly advocate a check and balance of both government and opposition. That’s why I respect that Karpal insisted that it was unethical for Anwar Ibrahim to persuade MPs to switch to his side during the GE12, even though the government did that.


  2. AN ADMIN NOTE: we normally would remove uncouth and profane comments. But in the spirit of freedom of expression we have not removed some crude, judgmental, and toxic comments here. The cause and principles we stand for is way bigger than you and I.

    Readers, please forgive them for they are blind and ignorant of the truth, and are afraid of changes. Those who do nothing will make the most noise.

    I care and love my country Malaysia. I’m proud to be a 100% Malaysian Citizen. I represent my country well overseas. I’m a happy, unofficial tourism ambassador – I ask my foreigner friends to visit beautiful Malaysia. I bring awareness of what’s happening here and defend Malaysia if necessary.

    But there are many things wrong, corrupt, unjust, and incompetent with Malaysian authorities – I will not let them get away with no integrity and being unprofessional.

    I’m Chinese Malaysian born in Ipoh, Malaysia, lived overseas in Hong Kong, Australia, USA for many years. But I don’t belong to China, so don’t be silly like the irritating, renegade Home Minister to tell me to go to China.

    I’m professionally critical of China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, government and opposition alike to keep check and balance. And I’ll be fair to acknowledge positive changes and efforts if it is deserved.

    MH370 authorities: the no 1 noise-makers in the world, read more…


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