Brenda's birthday 45

Brenda’s birthday on 7 April, 2007.

It’s Brenda’s birthday on 7 April.

I sense something mega big is coming up…

She would be 52.

Posted on 5 April, 2014.

OMG. The something big is about… the accidents of South Korea Ferry Disaster and Karpal Singh on 16 & 17 April, 2014 consecutively on the 2 days of my Diamond Leader public workshop…

I didn’t see this coming. I thought it would be the news of the discovery of the black box or wreckage of MH370.
(I should have known better about the John Denver “Leaving on a jet plane. don’t know when I’ll be back again” Ensign wasp – that finding MH370 is not so soon. See Part 6)

Condolences to the families. May they Rest In Peace. (posted on 18 April, 2014).

I was dead wrong!
The something super big is MH17 shot down – 131 days after MH370.

I have another horrible sense that there may be a 3rd incident…

I saw 3 afterlife signs: there were 3 bees I saw in a Penang trip 2 and 3 days after MH370.
Could it be that the first 2 bees were connected to MH370 and MH17?
What could the 3rd bee afterlife sign be about…
(see article…

Posted on 19 July, 2014.