Published in: The Malaysian Insider, Tuesday, 25 March, 2014.

MH370 – 3 questions that were left un-answered by PM Najib in the March 24th press conference

1. How can a new radar analysis be conclusive beyond any reasonable doubt without any evidence of a single piece of physical wreckage found?
Radar and satellite analysis had so far delivered no conclusive physical evidence.

2. What is the visual ‘proof’ of this new analysis?

3. Why is this ‘new analysis’ only available 17 days after MH370 went missing?

Chaen’s view
Lessons in PR for PM Najib

Is Prime Minister Najib Razak jumping the gun again?

PM Najib again did not take questions from the media on the March 24th Press Conference, and on the March 15th Press Conference. If you were to read a press statement and do not want to face the questions, it’s best to leave it to a Press Secretary or a Minister to read the statement and let that person handle the press.

You can’t appear to show leadership and not take responsibility for your public statements.


Selected works by SCMP’s Hong Kong political cartoonist Harry Harrison on MH370