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MH370 – Pilot Suicides are usually caused by Triggers (Part 4)

Why would the pilot take full control of the plane and divert from the original path…
and what was the psyche of MH370 pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.

Let’s be open-minded when you read the whole article.
I know for some of you, this is going to be very difficult to read, understand, or accept.

Suicides are usually caused by “Triggers”
A trigger can be an event, a tragedy, a loss of a loved one, a loss of hope in a political or religious ideology, a loss of job or assets, mounting debts, public shame, bullying, lies, cheating, abandonment, a disgruntled situation with a boss, authority, military or government, an angry interaction with a stranger, a heart-broken break-up, a fight with a spouse or girlfriend, no meaning and purpose in life, giving up the will to live, or just plain too tired to live...

Depression Suicide
In depression fathers and mothers were known to kill their young children first and then kill themselves. In a depression or troubled state whether it is to take the lives of one’s own children or a whole plane of passengers is kind of no different in the depressed or disturbed mind.
The pilot would have to lock himself in the cockpit, shut his mind  from the chaos and logic. Maybe that’s why the pilot ascended to 45,000 feet to knock unconscious the crew and passengers. 

Anger Suicide
In anger suicide, usually it is triggered by an angry situation. As in the case of the mainland Chinese man who throw himself to death in a busy shopping mall when he had a fight with his girlfriend about her shopping.

When someone is angry he doesn’t think straight any more. In the Genting bus tragedy 2013, the bus driver openly told his passengers that the brakes were not working well, but did not let passengers out. Then a car nearly crashed into the bus and there was a heated exchange between the bus driver and car driver. The bus driver lost it and didn’t care anymore. He became reckless, the bus crashed through a wall and down deep into a mountain ravine, killing  37 people. This case was not classified as driver suicide, but rage and bad brakes were the main elements that lead to disaster.

Comparing this case with a very different Manila bus hostage crisis. Rolando Mendoza was a dismissed decorated Philippines National Police officer, and he was armed that day. He just wanted his job back. But it ended up in a disaster due to media interference. He totally lost it when the police arrested and manhandled his brother which he saw it live in the bus TV. He killed 8 hostages and was shot dead himself.

Like the previously honorable Manila gunman, the highly respected Captain Zaharie might likely had “good intentions” initially.
Maybe he just wanted to capture the world’s attention – to notice the injustice, corruption, hypocrisy, and unfairness of the government in his country.
But… something triggered his mind.
It likely ended up beyond the point of no return – with no perceived real options. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt.

The Suicide Pilot Psyche
Sources said that he planned to attend the Malaysian court that sentenced opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to five years in jail after overturning his acquittal on sodomy charges on March 7, 2014.

Actually, it would NOT have mattered whether he attended the court sentencing or not. Bad news is bad news.

The pilot might have been deeply troubled at the real loss of the only hope in a political ideology since Anwar would not be legal to stand for Prime Ministership in the next election in 4 years’ time.

Fresh from this shocking news, seven hours later he took command of MH370, and flew off at 12:41 am.

Pilot suicide is extremely hard to accept and understand by family members, friends, colleagues, and society in general.
Just like it is very hard to understand why would anyone want to commit suicide. 

Very few can understand what’s going on in the mind of the pilot – unless you suffer from depression or rage yourself.
His mind would be under extreme stress, the emotional brain which is 24 times more powerful will override his logical brain.
He could be flipping from very depressed and disturbed to rage. The world he saw would be a very dark, clouded world.
These emotions were only temporary and momentary, but those moments are enough to do damage.

All he would be thinking is to end his own life, and there is no hope. He would not be thinking too much about his passengers like a normal mind would.

What is intriguing is most suicide pilots would quickly crash the plane to shorten the agony like in EgyptAir from JFK, and SilkAir from Jakarta.
This one supposed to have lasted 8 hours in flight…
Maybe he was undecided what to do with the plane and its passengers…
And when he finally decided… it may be too late… with no perceived options.

You cannot compare a extremely disturbed mind with a normal mind.
Some friends had come up openly to support an defend the Captain and that he was a community-minded person, and a responsible pilot.
Yes he was – when he was in a NORMAL state of mind.

But you can never compare a person in a normal situation with one when he was extremely disturbed.
That’s absolutely no logic why disturbed people do crazy things during heated emotions or in a disturbed state of mind.

Even some family members of the victims had behaved erratically and were in uncontrollable rage.
This seem more understandable for family members, but much harder to understand a pilot’s psychological state of mind.

If this is true it would be very hard for people, especially Malaysians and Chinese to accept the painful truth.
A normal person will not be able to understand what went through the pilot’s mind in those super extreme intense hours.

The pilot might have wanted the world’s attention in the most dramatic and shocking way – to focus on Malaysia, and the many unbearable issues that Malaysians are facing currently and in the past.

Note: the point is Anwar is NOT to be blamed for this, of course not.

But you can be sure that Politicians will try to twist and spin this episode to their advantage.

But TRUTH will always prevail.

Already the world is quickly noticing the gross confusion, delayed responses, waste of resources, incompetency, lack of transparency, non-independence of key authorities from the government, non-accountability, the flip-flop weak leadership of the Malaysian government, and how some Ministers tried to get away with unacceptable behavior and attitude.

However, unacceptable behavior by officials will be professionally criticized by the world media whose role is to report the truth – unlike the Malaysian main stream media propaganda.
More will be exposed and revealed…

Just like 9/11, it was one of the darkest moments in recent history which impacted not just Americans but the whole world… however, there were also positive things that came out of it.

We do not know yet, but I’m sure that MH370 will be a CATALYST for positive changes that may come out of it – no matter how dark it may turn out.

I sense MH370 will not be discovered for a long time, even though the dots maybe connected.

It may not meant to be…

Families will need to find closure somehow, as I fear it’s going to be a long search.
Professional counselling may be needed to help individuals to heal and move on. 

Have faith and trust GOD.

There is always LIGHT in every dark episode.

This may unite Malaysians as a nation beyond race and religion…

With the whole world’s scrutiny on Malaysia, already there is global awareness of the unacceptable issues and conditions that Malaysians have to tolerate in Malaysia…

Meanwhile, we pray for the souls of MH370, their families, and anyone affected by this global episode.
Or, maybe it was not Pilot Suicide. Could it be a Pilot Heroic Mission went wrong – the unexplored possibility (read more… Part 5).


Published: Sunday, 16 March, 2014, 10:37pm.
Updated: Monday, 17 March, 2014, 9:16pm.

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