MH370 – the 1st angelic sign maybe from the movement of a black beetle and from the Malaysian military (Part 2)

I wrote earlier on March 11 in my blog that I sensed we might receive our first angelic sign on that day.
Then the news came out that Malaysia’s military believes it tracked the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by radar over the Strait of Malacca.
This is indeed a strange twist. Later the military chief retracted his statement.
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I was back at my hometown Ipoh for my first cousin’s wedding on Saturday March 8.
He works for Freescale Semiconductor.
He told me his hiring manager and some 3-4 managers that he goes out lunch with were in MH370…
My heart goes out to their families.

On Sunday I went on a trip to Penang with my family. We stayed until Tuesday night. I took a bus home from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur.
When I arrived at my door step at around 1:20am (March 12, Wednesday) there was an inactive, upright black beetle right at my doorstep.
I immediately wondered if it was an angelic sign since I had asked for angelic signs earlier that day.

Black beetle… black box... hmmm…

In my research, Angelic Signs can come in the form of insects, butterflies, bees, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, humans, objects, weather, etc.
But Angelic Signs must be out of the ordinary and significant enough to the receiver.

One can ask for Angelic Signs for clarity, confirmation, decisions, guidance, assurance, inspiration, etc.

After doing some house chores, I went back to see if the beetle was still there…

MH370 - the movement of the Black Beetle Angelic Sign?

MH370 – is the movement of the Black Beetle an Angelic Sign?

And there it was… at my doorstep… but now it became very active…
It was upside down and was trying to flip back upright.
It walked, tried to fly (wings out) but it would get upside down. It would flip back upright after a few tries.
This upside down, flip back, walked, and wings out and back to upside down movements went on for many times.

[This flipping movement of the black beetle had since been interpreted as the plane going beyond its legal limit to 45,000 feet to make crew and passengers unconscious and then diving unevenly to 23,000 feet – see Part 3]

Then it started to move…

It felt like the black beetle and its unique movements were telling me something… leading me on to something significant… maybe an angelic sign…

2. IMG_2747
It walked calmly (not fly) along the wall on the right side of the front porch (of the second picture above). I was surprised that it did NOT walked pass the white gate.

It turned back to the left (west) along the gate… I had goose bumps at that moment as it reminded me of the military article that the plane had turned back.

The black beetle walked back along the left side towards the doorstep direction. Then it went in and out of several holes in the wall. ( a few feet from the left pillar in picture 2).
Was the MH370 pilot avoiding radars by hiding in and out of ‘radar coverage holes’ .

It then walked further along the left wall to where the left step is (bottom left corner of picture). It disappeared from my sight where I was sitting at the doorstep as it was behind the left step.
I went over to see… but it can vanished with no trace.
I looked everywhere in that area but it had vanished – real weird!

My interpretation of the movement of the black beetle is…
MH370 had turned back and went West. The Pilot avoided radar by hiding in and out of radar coverage holes. And it crashed and sunk in a remote part of the ocean.


On Wednesday night at around 8:00pm I saw the black beetle head popped out of a hole from where I last saw it disappear. 
And I saw the same beetle had half its body popped out of the hole on Thursday and Friday nights.
On Saturday evening, the beetle was out and above the hole (bottom left corner) that it was hiding in. And it was raining.

MH370 – is the movement of the Black Beetle an Angelic Sign? (Part 2)

MH370 – is the movement of the Black Beetle an Angelic Sign? (Part 2)

On Saturday March 15 PM Najib announced that the plane was deliberately turned back and the last satellite contact from plane was at 8.11 am, more than six hours after primary radar was lost.

Is this an Angelic Sign coming true…

zunar too weak

Published: Saturday, 15 March, 2014, 8:11pm.
Updated: Sunday, 30 March, 2014, 2:35am.

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I welcome any comments or interpretations of these signs.